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Hospitality & Travel  Network 


Boost Your Business with Our Support

We understand the challenges of the industry and strive to empower hotel owners and managers with the tools necessary to become more competitive in today’s market.

As a global content distribution channel, we also support all our hotel partners in sales by offering Hot Deals for our members & readers

We dedicate ourselves to build and grow travel & hospitality industry by sharing insightful stories / content with experts in the industries and people who are concerned with tourism and hospitality industry.

Every published content, article, update is embedded with a CTA (Call To Action) Button of "Book NOW" to make it easier for our members & readers to make room reservations directly on the hotel website.

Our Services 

Content Distribution

Hospitality industry need specific channel for content distribution

24/7 Support

You can contact us at anytime for anything



We support hotel booking on our platform 


Unlimited Content

Send us as many content as you want

Your content will be PUBLISHED 

Digital Marketing Support

We give free consultation on Digital Marketing

Easy Returns

Marketing is an investment and with us it is an easy Return On Investment


Global Content Distribution Channel for the travel & hospitality industry 

Founded on September 2022 in Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara by a group of professionals with years of hospitality & travel industry background and have received digital marketing certification from largest technology company in the world.


ID Hotelier focuses on supporting hotel & travel industry in their content marketing activities as a marketing strategy that involves creating and distributing valuable, relevant and interesting content to attract targeted audiences and to encourage them to buy.

ID Hotelier is very different from others because this type of marketing with an emphasis on Content Marketing does not explicitly promote a brand but, on the contrary, stimulates consumer interest in your product or service. The idea is that the more value you offer consumers in the form of expertise, the more you will attract them to buy your product/service.

Meet The Team


Chief Executive Officer

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Rini Handayani
Director of Operation

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Nainpal Sawhney

Nainpal Aman Sawhney

India Country Director

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Ang Cheng Poh 

Malaysia Country Director

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Arief Gunawan

Arief Gunawan

Vietnam Country Director

  • Arief Gunawan
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