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ID HOTELIER - Mr.LK-Productive Hotel Teacher Of SMKN 1 Praya

ID HOTELIER-Willingness to work hard in a challenging environment with perfect utilization of his knowledge and experience gained over time. He will strive for overall betterment of the company by using his creative & innovative thinking along with effective interpersonal, communication, problem solving & organizational abilities at his service level.

Tell us about your career on hospitality industry ?

I started my career in the hospitality world after graduating from school in 2014. Early I was work at Novotel Lombok . After that I started moving from one hotel to another. From one management to another and from one island to another in Indonesia. The experience of working in opening a new hotel, meeting and collaborating as a team in an area adds insight into ethnic and linguistic diversity, making me more stable and mature in dealing with types of guests and co-workers wherever I am

Mr.Lalu Kamariadi-Productive Hotel Teacher Of SMKN 1 Praya

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