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  • Who are the readers of ID Hotelier?
    The reader segmentation of ID Hotelier is: HolidayMaker Government Travel Agents Hotel Management Team Hotel owners/operators/groups/brands Students Tourism Industry Consultants Professional Association Suppliers Event planner Corporate Client Tourism Industry & Observers
  • What is ID Hotelier ?
    ID Hotelier or Hotelier Identity is a digital platform that functions as a content distribution channel that dedicates all our efforts to support hotels and other related tourism industries in building Brand Awareness and encourage sustainable hotel business growth through content marketing / story telling which will be in the type of : video, press / media releases, articles, news, expert opinion, updates, blogs, events and special promotions in hotels. Indonesia Hotelier operates as a Legal Entity from PT. Kalihara Hotel Pratama with Number AHU-12974.A.H.01.01. Year 2014
  • What are the service of ID Hotelier for hospitality industry >
    We provide video and banner ads placement in strategic positions on the IDHotelier pages that can be chosen by hotel. Some of the Content Distribution Services from ID Hotelier are: Video Ads or Banner Ads Pop Up Video Ads or Pop Up Banners Content Distribution ( News, , articles, etc ) Hotels benefit from publishing their content with IDHotelier are as follows: Published Guaranteed Content. Content can be anything including Press Releases, Podcasts, Videos, News, Articles, Holiday Packages, Special Offers, Staycations and Events, etc. Free Backlinks to Hotel Websites Optimized SEO on every published content The content will be inserted with a Call To Action ( CTA ) button such as "Book Now" on any published content to help increase Direct Booking to hotel websites Consultation about Digital Marketing ( SEO & SEM ) SPECIAL DEALS We also support hotels in selling packages listed on the " Travel Deals " section . Our sales commission is only 10% of every materialized booking .
  • What are the advantages of using a ID Hotelier for hospitality industry ?
    The latest trend in Marketing is to approach your customers with informative contents. ID Hotelier as a platform for Content Distribution Channel can assist hotels in a targeted distribution . The benefits that you will get by becoming an IDHotelier partner: Your business will be known as an expert and company that has knowledge of your business field which will then increase the level of expertise and hotel brand authority in the hospitality industry. Build credibility and help gain consumer trust. Build brand awareness by placing your hotel brand in every content on our platform . Improve hotel website SEO so new customers can find it. Involve existing customers so that they buy again directly to the hotel website (increasing Direct Booking). Promote hotel website for Free.
  • How to Publish Content on ID Hotelier?
    Hotels can take advantage from ID Hotelier as a digital promotional platform through articles, opinions, news, new teams on board, updates, press releases, reviews and others. To publish a content hotel just need to send us the content to our email :

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