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Airasia Superapp Partners with STAAH to Grow Travel Packages

[Monday 17th July, 2023] airasia Superapp, the leading one-stop travel platform by Capital A has partnered with STAAH, a leading hotel distribution and booking technology specialist, to grow its package travel offering.

Airasia Superapp Partnership with STAAH
Airasia Superapp Partnership with STAAH

Following the integration, the company will have a direct connection with more than 18,000 properties, expanding the travel options available for the thousands of travellers choosing airasia Superapp to book their flights, accommodation and transport.

Tan Mai Yin, Chief Commercial Officer of airasia Superapp, says the move offers the dual benefits of greater online visibility for local hotels and a one-stop solution for consumers who otherwise suffer from browsing fatigue.

“For hotels, airasia Superapp partnership with STAAH provides an opportunity to be seen on our platform and gain a diverse reach in Asean. For travellers, this means more accommodation options to select from as part of a complete travel package,” said Tan

Tan highlighted that typical customer behavior involves booking flights first. “We understand from our customer data that they would like to book accommodation and transport at the same time, if given the option. They are tired of looking at multiple booking sites and never truly knowing whether they got the best price and package. By offering a broader suite of accommodation options to complement the lowest flights in the sub-continent, consumers can be confident they are receiving the best package.”

The airasia Superapp is the one-stop travel platform business of Capital A offering consumers over 15 lines of products and services via the Superapp as well as the website. Powered by data and technology, the airasia Superapp leverages its digital ecosystem of 51 million users and 40 million downloads to generate a personalised and seamless consumer experience. Users can also engage in real-time conversations, join like-minded communities, play games and much more. From travel needs to everyday lifestyle essentials, there is always something for everyone on the airasia Superapp.

“We are proud to offer such an important connection as airasia Superapp to our hotel partners looking to expand their reach, particularly in the Asian region,” says Tarun Joukani, Director – STAAH. “Our deep footprint in the Asian region combined with airasia Superapp’s penetration here provides a brilliant opportunity for our partner hotels to convert the growing and highly engaged traveller subset on the airasia Superapp platform into guests.”


STAAH is a New Zealand-based technology company that specialises in cloud-based channel management and booking engine for accommodation providers helping them maximise their online revenue. Founded by Gavin Jeddo in 2008, a pioneer in the field of distribution technology, STAAH’s industry-leading technology powers a property’s distribution through online travel agencies (OTA) and direct bookings.

STAAH partners with over 18000+ properties across 90 countries through its operations in New Zealand, Australia, India, UAE, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, UK and Europe.



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