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Drive economic revival and create employment opportunities

ID HOTELIER - Yogyakarta, February 4th 2023 - Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy/Head of Tourism and Creative Economy Agency, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, together with the ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) delegates, visited the Travel Expo (Travex) at Jogja Expo Center (JEC), which is part of the 2023 ATF. On that occasion, he said that the sellers and buyers were very enthusiastic to see the best tourism and creative economy products there.

“I invited Madame Garcia (Secretary of Department Tourism Philippines - Christina Garcia Fasco) in purpose to see the enthusiasm and potential of our tourism directly,” according to Minister Sandiaga on Saturday (4/2/2023) evening.

These potentials are the destinations and creative economy centers in Indonesia that are starting to improve so that tourism revival impacts society.

“So, it will have an impact on creating business and employment opportunities, especially for MSMEs,” he added. The 2023 ATF exhibition has two main agendas, namely TRAVEX (Travel Exchange) and the Exhibition of Indonesian Tourism, Creative Economy MSMEs, and Culinary Festival.

TRAVEX, which takes place on February 3-5, 2023, will become a business-to-business (B2B) forum for tourism business actors between ASEAN countries, consisting of ASEAN NTOs, ASEAN Tourism Industries, Travel and Tourism Hospitality Industries, hotels & accommodation industries, TA/TO, and MICE actors.

Meanwhile, business to customer (B2C) is the Exhibition of Indonesian Tourism, Creative Economy MSMEs, and Culinary Festival, which is participated by more than 160 MSME actors, regional governments, and tourism industries from various regions in the country. It takes place from 2-5 February 2023.

He explained that 10 ASEAN countries, Russia, India, China, Japan, and South Korea, participated in the B2B (Travex) exhibition. It involves 207 companies and 115 international sellers and exhibitors. Minister Sandiaga expected that the two activities could achieve the transaction target.

“The total transactions for B2B are in the process of calculation, but for B2C, the target is IDR5 billion. Since the first day of the exhibition (2/2/2023), the transaction reported has exceeded IDR3 billion,” Sandiaga explained.

In addition, he hoped that the exhibition would trigger innovations in Indonesia. “Hopefully, we can reach the target that shows ASEAN as a wonderful destination,” he said.

Also attending the occasion were the Permanent Secretary of the MOTCE, Ni Wayan Giri Adnyani; the Deputy for Tourism Products and Events, Vinsensius Jemadu; the Deputy for Strategic Management, Nia Niscaya; the Deputy for Industry and Investment, Rizki Handayani; and the Deputy for Resources and Institutions, Diah Martini Paham.


I Gusti Ayu Dewi Hendriyani

Head of Communication Bureau

Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy/Tourism and Creative Economy Agency


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