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Guide to Attracting GenZ to Your Hotel

They are TikTokers who Snapchat and pegged to be the first immersed users of Metaverse. How well are you placed to attract Gen Zer to your hotel?

Gen Z Spending : Image by STAAH
Gen Z Spending : Image by STAAH

Generation Z (born between 1995 and 2015) is already one of the largest consumer groups, despite the fact that some members of this demographic are younger than age 10. They control $200 billion in direct spending and influence more than $600 billion in spending by their parents according to Hubspot research. Another study claims that Gen Z is expected to account for 40% of total consumer purchases by the end of 2022.

That’s the importance of this generation to your business planning established.

Now, how do you attract them? To start with, don’t confuse them with Millennials or Gen Y and don’t think that what works for the older generations can be applied to them. This youngest generation is tech-savvy, budget conscious and very serious about being taken seriously.

Gen Z traits you should get familiar with

This is the first generation who are true digital natives. While the older generation struggled to keep up with the technological advancements brought by the pandemic, Gen Z breezed through it all. Digital check-ins, smart keys, app-managed housekeeping in hotels … Gen Zers embrace it all

  • They rely on online reviews and influencers to inform decision making

  • Gen Zers embrace authenticity. You could amass a big following on TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram and still not appeal to Gen Z if your hotel’s brand voice and guest experience don’t match your marketing. Whether it is your ad placement or creative, keep authenticity in mind if you want to get Gen Zers through the door

  • This is the experiential generation, giving preference to experiences over material gains. They are won over by exemplary guest service – when they are valued and their feedback actively sought and addressed. Gen Z is a group that prioritises experience over price

  • They expect personalised connections with the brand, not

  • They are travellers with a conscience and are attracted to people, places and experiences that are sustainable in their practices

What you need to do to attract Gen Z?

  1. A strong digital presence is a prerequisite to befriend this generation

  2. Sell a story, not the brand

  3. Talk up the experience of your place and its location, not the amenities

  4. They expect immediate responses when they ask a question online. This “eight-second attention span” generation demands a seamless online journey, from browsing your website to booking

  5. An online review management platform is important to gather online feedback from your guests and use it successfully to attract more Gen Zers

  6. Be unique. Be truthful in your experience. Take it to Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat often to highlight the authenticity of a stay with you

  7. Be sustainable in your practices

To summarize…

Gen Z forms a huge part of the consumer population and among the first to hop on international flights as borders opened post-pandemic. Their buying power has always set them apart from others, and this is only set to go up once the new normal sets in.

With a few tweaks to your marketing and operational strategy, you are bound to win Gen Zers over as loyal guests. Are you set to rise to this challenge?

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