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Calling all eco-resort owners and operators!

Did you know that catering to a diverse range of guest personas can greatly enhance your eco-resort's success?

Eco Set : Media by WiX
Eco Set : Media by WiX

We've helped numerous eco-resorts in Bali refine their marketing strategies, product development, and overall guest experience by identifying guest personas. Here are but a few of them:

Digital Detoxer

Seeking nature and disconnection from technology, they yearn for secluded Bali eco-resorts with limited Wi-Fi access and abundant outdoor activities like hiking, stargazing, and mindfulness practices.

Sustainable Honeymooners

On the lookout for romantic and environmentally conscious honeymoon experiences, they desire private accommodations, eco-friendly amenities, and intimate activities in natural settings.

Nature-Loving Adventurer

Thrill-seekers who crave outdoor adventures in untouched Bali environments. They value eco-resorts that offer a range of thrilling experiences while minimizing their impact on the environment.

Eco-Conscious Family

Families valuing sustainable living and eager to pass on those values to their children. They seek eco-resorts with educational programs, family-friendly activities, and environmentally responsible accommodations.

Wellness Seeker

Prioritizing personal well-being and relaxation, they seek eco-resorts with yoga classes, spa treatments using organic products, meditation spaces, and healthy farm-to-table cuisine.

Cultural Explorer

Passionate about immersing themselves in local Balinese cultures, traditions, and history. They gravitate towards eco-resorts that provide opportunities to engage with local communities, participate in cultural workshops, and learn about indigenous practices.

Sustainable Luxury Seeker

Desiring high-end accommodations and services while remaining committed to sustainability, they appreciate eco-resorts offering luxurious amenities, eco-friendly design, gourmet organic cuisine, and personalized eco-conscious experiences.

Wildlife Enthusiast

Fascinated by wildlife and conservation, they seek eco-resorts located in or near protected areas. Guided wildlife tours, wildlife photography opportunities, and educational programs on biodiversity conservation are what they value.

Eco-Surfing Enthusiast

Passionate about surfing and ocean conservation, they prefer eco-resorts situated near Bali's famous surf spots. Surf lessons, eco-friendly surfboard rentals, and initiatives to protect the coastal environment catch their attention.

Green Activist

Deeply committed to environmental causes, they actively support eco-resorts with strong sustainability initiatives. They prioritize eco-resorts that contribute to conservation projects, support local communities, and hold certifications validating their sustainability practices.

These are but a few of the personas we use!


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