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Updated: Feb 12, 2023



ATF 2023 Delegates Explore “Borobudur Trail of Civilization” Thematic Tourism, In an effort to promote Indonesia’s tourism and creative economy for the economic revival and job creation

ID HOTELIER - Magelang, February 5th 2023 - As many as 22 delegates from ASEAN member countries and partner countries, such as ASEAN Plus Three, India, Russia, and ASEAN NTOs, have several interesting activities as well as enjoy the beauty of nature, culture, and culinary in the Borobudur Super-Priority Tourism Destination through the “Borobudur Trail of Civilization” (BToC) thematic tourism inspired by the story of the Borobudur Temple reliefs, the largest Buddhist temple in the world.

Borobudur Civilization Trail
Borobudur Civilization Trail

This activity marks the last day of the 2023 ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF), which takes place from 2-5 February 2023 in Yogyakarta. Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy/Head of Tourism and Creative Economy Agency, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, during the Technical Tour in Collaboration with Traveloka at the Borobudur Temple, Magelang, Sunday (5/2/2023), expressed his appreciation to Traveloka as the MOTCE’s partner for accommodating this thematic travel for the 2023 ATF delegates.

“It will be a fun experience, rich in history and story of the Borobudur Temple reliefs,” according to Minister Sandiaga. Borobudur Trail of Civilization is a thematic tourism travel pattern initiated by the MOTCE. BToC has nine tour packages inspired by the interpretation of the Borobudur Temple reliefs. This time, the MOTCE and Travelika bring the delegates to experience three out of nine tour packages in the Borobudur Trail of Civilization. Including wellness tourism, handy craft, and exploring civilization traced through music and musical art as one of the Javanese cultural elements that belong to Indonesia.

“This initiative aims to combine experience and knowledge about the Borobudur Temple, as well as promote more sustainable and inclusive tourism in the Borobudur area. Why is it inclusive? Because it involves the local community and touches all aspects, such as the economy, environment, social, and culture. The presence of BToC has made traveling more fun and preserved the Borobudur cultural heritage,” he added.

The BToC agenda began with a series of yoga movements to maintain body and soul to

stay healthy and fit. Yoga teaches how to manage serenity and spirituality when viewing the splendor of the Borobudur Temple from the top of Bukit Dagi. The atmosphere of yoga is getting cooler because surrounded by pine trees. The delegates were very enthusiastic about doing the yoga movements demonstrated by the instructor. Several delegates admitted that they had never tried yoga before, such as the Laos and Vietnam delegates. After yoga, they rested while enjoying a picnic-style breakfast and a story of the civilization on the Borobudur reliefs.

The morning breakfast felt even more special because the delegates were pampered with a panoramic view of Borobudur Temple shrouded in mist. Then, Minister Sandiaga and the delegates moved to Balkondes (Village-Owned Enterprises) Majaksingi to continue their activities, namely traditional massage and reflexology, to taste various herbal drinks. There were also several workshops in this location to enrich the delegates’ experience during their stay in Indonesia, ranging from making batik, pottery, and woven bamboo. Interestingly, the delegates also tried traditional games of gangsing (a traditional spin toy) and kitiran (a toy in the form of a propeller that can emit a unique sound played only during the dry season). They were very enthusiastic about playing together. The delegates felt a different sensation when invited to go around the exotic Borobudur area in a VW Cabrio. It is an attraction that should not be missed. The view of the expanse of rice fields against the background of Menoreh Hill and Mount Merapi has fascinated those who see its beauty.

The agenda closed with a visit to Borobudur Temple. There was a feeling of astonishment on the faces of each delegate. Many of them captured the moment with their mobile phone. The Borobudur Temple has been designated as a world heritage site by UNESCO because its temple building has incredible architecture. Each relief engraved at the Borobudur Temple has its characteristic and meaning. “I hope we do not forget this precious experience and strong friendship. Hopefully, the presence of ATF this time in Indonesia will strengthen our collaboration. Let's show the world that ASEAN is worth visiting as a world tourist destination,” he continued.

Traveloka’s Co-Founder, Albert, said that it was an honor to represent business world to welcome the 2023 ASEAN Tourism Forum delegates in Indonesia. “I believe that tourism experiences like this will not be easy to forget and always stay in your hearts and minds,” Albert said.

Secretary General of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Malaysia, Datuk Hajah Saraya Arbi, expressed her gratitude to the MOTCE and Traveloka for presenting the BToC thematic tourism. According to her, it was an attractive tourism product and should be promoted more broadly. She said that Indonesia has a pentahelix element that always helps and supports future tourism development. “For me, collaboration from the government, business world, and the community in Indonesia are very good,” Datuh Hajah Saraya said.


I Gusti Ayu Dewi Hendriyani

Head of Communication Bureau

Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy/Tourism and Creative Economy Agency

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