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5 Tips on How to target Corporate Meetings for Your Hotel

The hotel industry’s recovery after the pandemic has largely been driven by leisure travel. This season, hotels are experiencing a surge in occupancy for leisure travel.

Corporate client - Media from STAAH
Corporate client - Media from STAAH

However, business travel is yet to make a full comeback post-pandemic. Guest writer Are Morch shares his tips on how to target this market.

This could be credited to the rise of remote work and virtual meetings. Unfortunately, this has been a major blow for hotels that depended on hosting corporate meetings. But, the good thing is that in-person connections and the excitement of travel never get out of fashion. People are eager to resume traveling for business in the coming months.

It is the work of the hotels now to realize that the ways of work have changed, and prepare to accommodate new demands that business travelers are going to have. With that in mind, here are a few ways to appeal to business travelers looking for a corporate meetings facility.

1) Prepare for hybrid events

The pandemic brought an increase in remote working and virtual events. This trend isn’t going to change any time soon. Even as business travel resumes, not everyone is ready to hop on a flight to meet with the rest in person.

This has been evident as a bigger percentage of event planners report planning hybrid events in the recent past. You can expect the demand for hybrid meeting solutions to go up as the trend continues to grow. Moreover, providing these solutions can help your hotel appeal to business travelers. Focus on providing technology that supports virtual meetings.

Reliable WiFi and teleconference technology are a good place to start. In addition, keep in mind that most businesses are now global. For this reason, provide translation equipment for international corporate meetings.

2) Accommodate “bleisure” travel

There is a new emergence of travelers who want to combine business with leisure, or bleisure as it is commonly referred to. Appealing to corporate travelers looking for bleisure is a good step towards bringing back corporate meeting bookings at your hotel.

This summer, you can tap into the peak season by offering packages that cater to travelers who want to work and play without changing facilities. For instance, you can offer discounts to use hotel amenities such as the spa, restaurant, and the like in the evening, or a golf tour over the weekend for corporates that book your meeting facilities.

3) Target business travelers and event managers with your marketing strategy

Advertising your hotel as one of the best business travel destinations is a good way to get the attention of corporates and event managers. Focus on showcasing your hotel’s best business meeting and accommodation features. Post updated photos and videos of your facility and include a list of all amenities on your social media pages and website. Include competitive packages and exclusive perks and offers for business travelers.

In addition, create content that resonates with corporate travelers, providing answers to their frequent concerns. However, it is important to work on your website. Make it easy for travelers to do their booking and pay from wherever they are. Optimize for speed to improve user experience.

4) Create work-friendly rooms

With the way work is changing, business travelers want spaces where they can stay and work without hurting their productivity. Coworking spaces within the hotel are great, but focusing on personal space is also important for attracting business travelers who like to work in the quiet.

Focus on improving room amenities to drive productivity, efficiency, and convenience through technology. In addition, provide a comfortable desk and chair. Configuring the rooms to provide zoom-friendly backgrounds and environments can go a long way in enticing the modern business traveler.

5) Co-Host a major regional or national event

Co-hosting an event in your region or even nationally allows you to showcase what your hotel can offer to a larger group of potential visitors. Focus on major events planned to take place in the region.

For instance, you can talk to the Chamber of Commerce to partner on events that they are planning. Ensure that you publicize and create a buzz around the event online to capture the attention of potential corporate travelers around the world.


Making your hotel the best choice for corporate meetings starts with attracting business travelers. To do this, keep in mind the changing ways of work and the emergence of the new breed of travelers, bleisure. Configure your hotel to accommodate these two trends.

In addition, create a marketing strategy targeted at corporate travelers. Finally, consider working with event organizers to partner in hosting regional or national events.

About Are Morch

Are Morch
Are Morch

Are Morch is a Hotel Marketing Coach driven by his passion and love for Hotels. He provides dedicated high-value Social Media marketing services for the Hotel Industry. Together with his Social Media management team, his mission is to help Hotel brands achieve rapid growth and a dominant presence in the ever-changing digital landscape.

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Feb 18, 2023
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Excellent advise to get corporate meeting clients for hotel

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