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Ayam Merangkat - Traditional Cuisine at Bonjeruk; One of the Best Tourism Village in Indonesia

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

ID HOTELIER - Bonjeruk Village is rather one of old villages in Central Lombok Regency area which has existed since 1886.

Pasar Bambu - An outlet at Bonjeruk Village serving Ayam Merangkat  with traditional costume
Pasar Bambu - An outlet at Bonjeruk Village serving Ayam Merangkat with traditional costume

During Dutch settlement this village was appointed as a district in the era of the Bali-Lombok empire. Bonjeruk is rather far from the coastal area and dominated by low-intensity rice fields, valleys and rivers. Due to its geographical characteristic, tourists usually enjoy cycling and trekking around the village..

This village has various historical relics, one of historical relics calls Gedeng Beleq (the building that served as a district government office during colonial period). During the colonial era, the leadership of this district was held by Datu Jonggat, who was acted as a local traditional leader.

Thanks to the independent initiatives and grassroots movements built by local youths and women, since 2017 the village has actively formed Pokdarwis groups, Kelompok Wanita Tani (Women Farmer Groups) and Youth Organizations. Since then Bonjeruk village is able to empower local communities by opening various working and business opportunities for the locals.

Local culture and traditions are well preserved by the community in this village till today. This can be seen through Merangkat, one of traditional wedding processions that are still taking place today. It is an event to welcome the bride, organised by the groom's family. The prospective bride will be presented with culinary delights called Ayam Merangkat as a form of welcome and to provide a sense of comfort to the prospective bride.

Starting from this tradition, the Pokdarwis of Bonjeruk Village began to promote and develop Merangkat culinary experience as one of the village's leading tourism products which has succeeded in making Bonjeruk Village well-known to tourists both domestically and internationally.



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