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How to Use Events to Increase Your Revenue ?

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Are you doing everything to increase your revenue during local events? Events are a boon for hoteliers. Whether it’s a big game, a concert or a local festival, events present an opportunity for you to create exciting packages and drive bookings.

Red Carpet Event : Media by WiX
Red Carpet Event : Media by WiX

Let’s take a look at some easy steps to make sure you grab your guests’ attention when there’s an event coming up.

Track Events in Your Location

Follow event listing directories, local council websites, venues in your city and event organisers to keep track of upcoming events. You can even set up Google Alerts and keep track of happenings by keeping a tab on your competitors.

Once you know of an event, set it as a reminder in your Instant Channel Manager; it will be a good way to ensure you are managing rates well. Typically big games and international concerts announcements are followed by people making advance accommodation bookings. Adjust your rates upwards as soon as any such announcement comes through.

Become a Hub of Information

Promote the event and everything around it on your website. It is good practice to create a landing page on your website, or at least a dedicated section, on every event you’re targeting. Optimise the content for SEO, choosing keywords carefully.

On the landing page include basic information like dates, timing, transportation etc. You could also create itineraries or a cheat sheet on local attractions for visitors to the event.

Whether you create a landing page or a dedicated section, make sure you provide a clear call-to-action to the booking page and event related packages.

Create Inspiring Packages

When creating packages for events, think of what your prospective guests are looking for. It could be free transport to and from the event, or maybe packed lunch for a winery concert? The idea is to stand-out and be different from the crowd. Even for annual events like Valentine’s, Christmas or Mother’s Day, try to be intuitive in what your guests are after – a bottle of bubbles for Valentine’s or a spa voucher for mums.

Use these packages in your marketing activity – go all out on social media and any other suitable channel. Giveaways work like a treat. Depending on the promotion rules set by event organisers, you could give away event tickets to those who like you on social media or subscribe to your email list – it’s a great way to grow your database or audience for remarketing.

Talk up Free Local Events to Your Guests

Don’t think about the big-ticket events alone. You can also leverage community and local events to your advantage by promoting them to guests. Putting the information on your website or social media channels may be the deciding factor in a guest choosing to stay in your hotel or come to your area..

Create Your Own Events

You don’t always have to wait around for an event to come up. Be your own master by creating hosting events. This could be a comedy night, karaoke or even free walking tours.

Don’t Forget the Locals

Remember to market to the locals. Often you’ll find that big events attract large number of guests for an event, including local residents who may be keen to stay in your property before or after the event.

Do you have other tips or suggestions that have worked well for you at event time? Share it with us and everyone in the community – we’d love to showcase your success.

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