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Updated: Feb 12, 2023

ID HOTELIER - Franco Ray ; Corporate Director of Operation Sahid Hotels & Resort Indonesia. He is an energetic and driven man, who has an extraordinary career path. He has an in depth understanding of hotel operation and management .

Franco Ray I Corporate Director of Operations Sahid Hotels & Resorts Indonesia.
Franco Ray I Corporate Director of Operations Sahid Hotels & Resorts Indonesia.
Tell us more about your backgrounds

I Started in 1996 from Reservations Coordinator to Reservations Manager within 12 months career progression with 5 star rating golf and beach resort, the rest in diverse international chain hotels experience from Director of sales marketing, General Manager to Corporate chief executive officer. The majority in hospitality industry, particularly Hotels management, franchises and leases agreements, asset management, capital market and projects development.

Previously in charge for commercial real estate advisor before joining PT. Sahid International Hotel Management & Consultant. (SIHMC) as Corporate Director of Operations to Sahid Hotels & Resorts across Indonesia.

Graduated from Nanyang Technological University. Singapore in 2006 for Master of management in Hospitality (MMH) and Executive development program for General Manager in 2015 at ESSEC Business School, Paris - France. Including Certified CEO in 2016 from The CEO institute Pty limited Australia.

Room at Grand Sahid Jaya Jakarta
Room at Grand Sahid Jaya Jakarta

Please mention few technologies support that you have for your hotel business and explain how those technologies support your operation or service?

Our current technologies for digital solutions with cloud base support to hotels operations and services

  1. VHP for property management system

  2. STAAH for channel distribution and reputation management system

  3. Finley for sales marketing accounts management system

  4. Xendit for payment gateways

  5. HRis for HR solutions system

  6. ALARIC for web direct booking engines

Please describe major changes you have seen in the hospitality industry in Indonesia and what is your suggestion to others about it?

Major changes in hospitality industry for Indonesia

1. Growing more options payment gateways support system from fintech and digital banking services

2. Markets trends for seamless booking to all destinations from transportation services, Hotels and excursions activities into smart mobile phones.

I would suggest all hospitality stakeholders to be more adaptive to those changes in order to stay relevant with current business evolution during post pandemic which more to digital solutions

Please Describe major challenges in the hospitality industry which need to be addressed

Major challenges for hospitality industry in Indonesia will be

1. Prices sensitivity with on going global impact from current energy oil and gas increasing prices

2. Green energy convertible to support hotel operations to stay relevant with government policy


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Nov 02, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Excellent expertise

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