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Why Your Google Business Profile Matters to improve your Direct Bookings

Choosing a hotel can feel like comparing apples to oranges these days, with so many websites showing different prices. But what if the same hotel has different prices on Google and other booking websites?

Sale Tags : Media by WiX
Sale Tags : Media by WiX

How often does hotel manager compare their hotel's rates on their Google Business profile with prices listed on Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)? Unfortunately, many hotels, particularly smaller or independent ones, fall short in this critical area.

Often, hotel teams don't regularly check the rates displayed on their Google Business Profile ( GBP ) and compare them to prices listed on Online Travel Agencies ( OTAs ). This seemingly small oversight can have significant negative consequences for the hotel business.

Some reasons why is consistent pricing across all channels crucial?

1. Price transparency is key for modern travelers - Today's guests are savvier than ever, meticulously researching and comparing prices across various platforms before booking. Finding a significantly lower price on an OTA compared to your GBP sends a clear and detrimental message: your hotel doesn't value direct bookings. This will create confusion and frustration and also damage your brand image.

2. Revenue loss and a shift in control - When guests choose to book through OTAs due to price discrepancies on your GBP, your hotel loses out on potential revenue in two ways. Firstly, you miss out on the booking fee that OTAs typically charge, significantly impacting your profit margin. Secondly, you lose control over the guest relationship, as communication and booking confirmations primarily happen through the OTA platform.

3. Building trust and loyalty -  Guests appreciate knowing they're getting the best possible rate, regardless of the booking channel they choose. This fosters loyalty and encourages them to consider your property for future stays, leading to increased repeat business.

So, starting now hotels need to have proactive rate management

  • Check your Google Business Profile regularly. This is where your hotel shows up on Google Maps and search results. Make sure the prices listed there match the prices on your website and other booking platforms, especially OTAs.

  • Make your website user-friendly and easy to book on. If your website is difficult to navigate or has a slow booking process, guests might be more likely to choose another website, even if the price is the same. ( in fact, there are plenty of hotel booking engines that are slow and have many steps in closing one booking )

Again, your Google Business Profile is a crucial touchpoint for potential guests. By maintaining accurate and competitive rates across all platforms, you can attract more direct bookings, maximize revenue, build trust with your guests, and ultimately achieve long-term success in the ever-evolving hospitality landscape.

Take control of your online presence and prioritize your Google Business Profile to build a consistent rate management .



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