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9 Useful Things Hotels Should Provide to Their Guests

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

The hospitality business is booming yet again thanks to the dizzying pandemic havoc of the past two years. People are once again venturing out on their much missed and eagerly anticipated holidays.

Happy Client : Media from WiX
Happy Client : Media from WiX

Business houses are ready and eager to send their staff out. Guest writer Are Morch shares his tips for hoteliers.

Vacations, holidays, out-of-town conferences, and breaks are thus back on in full swing. Having pointed this out, there are a few essential basics that perhaps may have changed for good. Although people are getting ready to take the plunge, it won’t be inappropriate to note that they are a tad cautious too.

Some suggestions for hotels

With this changed scenario, when holidayers are treading with apprehension, there are a few things hotels need to incorporate into their planning from here onwards. Here are some of the fundamental aspects hotels may use to retain favoritism amongst their regular as well as attract new patrons.

The list below is by no means an exhaustive one but has covered what a guest would look for when choosing a temporary abode outside of their homes.

1) Better Hygiene

Clean and hygienic surroundings speak volumes about the management’s attitude towards a guest. This is perhaps the most valuable part of the guest’s experience that would be carried in his mind and possibly recommended if the patron is satisfied.

Daily cleaning of the rooms, changing the toiletries, and bedding supplies every day as well as ensuring proper airing and emptying of trash count as the most essential service in the hospitality industry.

2) Attention to guests

Every hotel must make the guest feel that he is genuinely welcomed at their establishment. Remembering the name of the guest, their elementary details like the place they belong to, their room number, and their preferences if it is a returning visitor play a tremendously pivotal role in making any patron feel special which in turn earn brownie points to the management.

3) Speedy Check-in and check-outs

This aspect always tells the customer that his/her convenience is the topmost priority for your business. The more eased the guest, the better they are going to perceive the overall experience.

4) Providing internet

Being well connected with the world spells a necessity at present. So instant as well as hassle-free access to the internet has come to be considered the most basic requisite on offer by any hospitality establishment. If they have specific package deals designed for heavy, average, or light data users, conveying those upfront works very well with almost all borders.

Some hotels provide options for sim only deals for their customers in their main hall for tourists. Being able to offer additional benefits would always be in favor of the hotel.

5) Create work-friendly rooms

With the way work is changing, business travelers want spaces where they can stay and work without hurting their productivity. Coworking spaces within the hotel are great, but focusing on personal space is also important for attracting business travelers who like to work in the quiet.

Focus on improving room amenities to drive productivity, efficiency, and convenience through technology. In addition, provide a comfortable desk and chair. Configuring the rooms to provide zoom-friendly backgrounds and environments can go a long way in enticing the modern business traveler.

6) Higher comfort levels

When extra care is dished out to the visitor, by way of offering everything that makes him/her more comfortable would win hearts instantly. Here, comfort can mean a simple welcome drink, a wake-up call, serving a dish with that very detail the customer appreciates or assisting in site seeing or arranging an airport pick up or drop would charm the guest undoubtedly.

7) Better security

When it comes to feeling safe in a new environment, a hotel facilitating security and protection of the guests and their belongings is a given. Guests are often conveyed this through a meticulous undertaking to ensure their patrons’ haven.

8) Extra amenities

Any extra titbits like a nanny service, hobby classes, and a dedicated play area with safety measures for kids will help. You can have a garden with children’s equipment, a salon or spa, or a gymnasium. A mini screening theatre, a pool, or any other sporting area is fantastic. If the establishment can render these things, your hotel will rise higher in the eyes of your clients.

9) Customizations

Lately, many newer concepts are being floated into the hospitality world to make the package more exciting. Customizing the experience seems to dominate this innovative approach. Personalized deals that may include customer-specific welcome gifts are wonderful.

Any special local flavor added into the room such as a snack basket, or the ability to work in the room with provision for a desk is great. You can offer in-room facilities like fitness equipment, a personal trainer, musical instruments, and free bikes for the family. These things make for an overall unique impression.


All of the above provisions could be catered to effectively by the host business to remain ahead in the game where only the best can sustain at present. Taking guest relations, guest comfort and guest satisfaction very seriously is the only way to survive the future.

About Are Morch

Are Morch is a Hotel Marketing Coach driven by his passion and love for Hotels. He provides dedicated high-value Social Media marketing services for the Hotel Industry. Together with his Social Media management team, his mission is to help Hotel brands achieve rapid growth and a dominant presence in the ever-changing digital landscape.

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