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Famous Singaporean Fashion Designer, Hayden Ng has confirmed to attend LIMOFF 2023 in Lombok

Singaporean fashion designer Hayden Ng has been making waves in the fashion industry for years, and now he's set to attend the first-ever Lombok International Modest Fashion Festival (LIMOFF) in July 2023.

Mr. Hayden NG - International Guests Designer
Mr. Hayden NG - International Guests Designer

As one of the most respected designers in Singapore, Hayden Ng's attendance at the event is sure to be a highlight for fashion enthusiasts and industry insiders alike.

Hayden Ng is known for his breathtaking innovative designs and his ability to create pieces that are stylish, sophisticated and practical. In 2016 Hayden was nominated for the Straits Times’ 6th LIFE! Theatre Awards for best costume designer. He also designed the National Costume for Miss Universe Singapore 2011, Valerie Lim, and was rated as one of the 30 Gorgeous Miss Universe National Costumes that year.

The Lombok International Modest Fashion Festival is a celebration of modest fashion, which is often associated with Islamic fashion but is increasingly popular among women of all backgrounds. Modest fashion emphasizes clothing that covers the body and is not revealing or provocative. The festival will feature designers and brands from around the world who specialize in modest fashion, including Hayden Ng.

Hayden Ng's attendance at the festival is a significant event for both the festival and the fashion industry as a whole. His presence will bring attention to the growing popularity of modest fashion and the importance of diversity in the fashion world.

The festival is expected to draw a significant crowd, including fashion bloggers, influencers, and industry professionals. It will be an exciting opportunity for attendees to see the latest trends in modest fashion and to discover new designers and brands.

We look forward to seeing what Hayden Ng and the other designers will bring to the festival and how it will shape the future of modest fashion.

Lombok International Modest Fashion Festival 2023 | 6 - 9 July 2023.

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