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10 Killer Ideas for Your Hotel Blog

Stumped for things to write about in your blog posts? We’ve put together some blog ideas that should get your creative juices flowing.

Bedoin Rugs - Media by WiX
Bedoin Rugs - Media by WiX

Hoteliers are lucky. Being part of a broader lifestyle category, there are many avenues and topics for you to blog about. Your audience – travelers (business and leisure) – are varied and looking for all sorts of information about the destination, things around your property, history, people, food and top experiences. Use these to attract these travelers to your website through an engaging blog. Then sell them your property’s experience.

Local Attractions and Events

Google Local Guides reconfirms the fact that local content is the way forward to success in content marketing. Travelers are seeking rich, engaging, and original tips and ideas about their destination all the time. You can be the one to provide these by talking about local attractions (how to best enjoy them), oddball news, renovations and updates, and off-the-beaten-path spots. Local events are also popular blog posts – what’s coming up, how to enjoy the events, and itinerary ideas around the popular events.

Photos and Videos

By far the most engaging blog content is the visual kind. Look around your property, city and location. Capture it all, add a suitable caption, provide relevance and post away. Post images and videos of different seasons – they have great search value too.

Food, Wine, and All Things Indulgent

Who doesn’t like to talk about food, wine, beer, spas, and similar indulgent experiences when on holiday – or even during a business visit? If you’ve got these services, flaunt them. Talk about seasonal menus, your wine list, how you choose your beers, the winemakers and brewers behind these beverages, and your spa menu. If your property does not have a spa, blog about the top spas in your location. Expand your F&B focus to popular local spots – tucked away eateries, local foodie personalities, new openings and best of series.

Travel Tips

What should travelers pack? What will the weather be like? Is the local water safe to drink? How to book activities? How to get around? Travelers have a lot of questions about your destination. Use your blog to answer these and be relevant.

Recommended Blogs and Reads

The last thing a traveler needs is to trawl through pages of destination information and find relevant information. Make it easier for them by having an updated list of the best destination blogs to read.

Your Beliefs and Values

Not as boring as it sounds! If you believe in saving the environment, have a passion for cars, love hiking or harbor another interest, use your blog to talk about it. If you believe in it or have an interest in it, someone else does too. And these engaged users may be your property’s next guests.

Behind the Scenes

Everyone likes to be ‘in the loop’. Consider writing a blog from the perspective of your hotel staff, or giving a sneak preview of a new feature or re-design. Tip – to make it engaging, make it funny.

Local Legends and History

Are there any ghost stories or legends in your hotel/area? Did your hotel inspire a famous novelist or star in a movie? Use those stories in your blog to entice your audience.

Also, educate potential guests about the local culture and history, describing famous historical events and explaining the roots of local customs. Some people travel for peace and quiet, but others actively seek to learn about new locations and ways of life.

Useful Language Phrases

If your hotel is located in a foreign-speaking country, make a list of useful everyday phrases in a language guide.

Visiting Celebrities

It’s the era of celebrity culture with fans lapping up everything about their idols. So if you have a celebrity visiting your town, talk about it. Consider posts like “local spots celebrity A should be visiting” or “where you can meet celebrity A when in town”.

So the next time you’re stuck for a blog topic, check out our cheat list. It is certainly not exhaustive, but a great babackupor when you’re out of steam. It is also not tailor-made to your property’s unique needs – be sure to adapt the ideas to fit your style. Tell us about which ideas worked best for your property – we’d love to hear from you!".

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