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How to Build a Great Name That Will Differentiate Your New Hotel in An Established Niche

There are two types of hotels in the market. The first type perfectly positions itself in the eyes of the audience with its irresistible brand image and foolproof marketing strategies.

Three Trusted Ways to Build Great Name
Three Trusted Ways to Build Great Name

These hotels don’t just sell the simple promise of customers being able to spend the night comfortably. They go the extra mile because they understand that, above all, they’re selling the experience.

Then there’s the second type of hotel. These hotels may have the equipment and resources to give their clients a great experience, but their major limitation is an inability to brand themselves properly. And this affects their ability to compete with other successful hotels and draw in more customers.

A good reputation built through branding is the only distinction between the success and failure of a hotel in this very competitive market.

New Hotels Need Branding to Survive

Developing a strong and recognizable brand name is a great way to develop a strong brand to make your new hotel stand out from the competition. A good brand name is unique, memorable, brandable, and with positive connotations.

These kinds of names attract customers and increase your brand awareness, giving you a strong foothold in the market.

Here are three trusted ways to build a great name for your new hotel which in turn will lead you to the right hotel domain names for sale to get for your business.

Three Inspiring Steps to Help you Build a Great Name

1. Create a Unique Concept for Your Hotel Brand

Before you start thinking of naming your hotel, you need to ensure that you’ve go a solid idea of what your hotel brand’s image should look like. To lay a solid foundation for your brand’s identity, start by getting a memorable business name. Your business name is a vital branding element that can boost or break your branding.

When creating a unique brand, focus on getting a beautiful logo, a nice color palette, and a tagline specific to your business because these are what people will know your company by.

Doing this could create a powerful identity that will make your hotel memorable and recognizable. Businesses with strong brands are highly regarded in the market.

No two hotels are the same. That’s why you must emphasize the unique features that make you special. This could include offering unique amenities, such as a rooftop pool or a spa, or special services, such as complimentary breakfast or valet parking.

Highlighting these unique features can help you build a distinctive identity for your hotel.

2. Choose a Name That Reflects Your Hotel Brand

When choosing a name for your hotel, one of the things to consider is how it will reflect your brand. A great name should capture the essence of your hotel and give potential guests a sense of what to expect when they stay with you.

You should take the time to brainstorm ideas that reflect the atmosphere, amenities, and services your hotel will offer, even if you use an AI business name generator. Think about what sets your hotel apart from the competition, and come up with a name that reflects those qualities.

Wordplay can be an effective way to create a name that is both memorable, reflective of your brand, and unique. Using puns or plays on words can be a great way to communicate your brand memorably.

3. Leverage Your Location

Highlighting the flair of your location can be a great way to help your hotel stand out in an established niche.

For example, if your hotel is situated in a city known for its nightlife, you could focus on marketing your hotel as the ideal spot for a night out. If your hotel is located in a rural area, you could focus on marketing it as the perfect place for a rural getaway.

By leveraging your location, you can create a brand identity for your hotel that is unique and memorable.

For hotels located in areas with a unique history or culture, utilizing that in your name is a great way to make your hotel popular in the market. Making a play on the location of your hotel can help give potential guests a sense of the experience they will have when they stay with you.

Additionally, it can also be a great way to pay homage to the local area and create a sense of connection with potential guests.

A Great Name is What You Need

Creating a great name for your hotel is just what you need to push your business to the next level.

Taking the time to brainstorm ideas and reflect on the points we’ve highlighted is a good way to go about generating a unique, memorable, and positive name for your hotel.

Grant Polachek is the head of branding at Squadhelp, a 3X Inc. 5000 business that offers short, innovative, and unique brand names to Fortune 500 companies and early-stage companies. As one of the leading crowdsourced naming companies in the world, we have properly examined over a million recommendations and generated a detailed list of intriguing domain names online.



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