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Why is SEO Audit is Important for Your Hotel Website

Whether you do it yourself or decide to hire an agency to drive your SEO efforts, an audit is a good place to start. Where is your hotel website at in comparison to your business goals?

Search Engine Optimization. Unsplash photo
Search Engine Optimization. Unsplash photo

Creating great content but your rankings are still not improving? Look at your on-page SEO. Are you giving the search engine the right indicators? To stay ahead in the game and ensure website search health, we recommend doing regular audits (Stocktake). Let’s look at what is included in an SEO audit.

What are the key factors for On-Site Audit?

Here are five key factors to look into to improve your On-site audit:

1) Visibility:

Are all your web pages visible and indexed by the search engines? If the search engines can’t find you, users definitely can’t. Sometimes bad coding contributes to this.

2) Content:

Low quality and duplicate content will be dismissed not just by users, but also by search engines.

3) Keyword Analysis:

Which keywords are driving traffic?

4) Semantic Structure:

This is the on-page content structured using proper HTML headings and recommended Schema mark-up? Are all page staged with proper meta and title tags and descriptions?

5) Links & Images:

Good distribution of hyperlinks and ensuring that all images have proper ALT and title tags form part of this part of the audit.

6) Site Speed & Mobile Usability:

How fast does your site load and how easy is it to use and read on mobile are imperative to see search success?

What are the key factors for Off-Site Audit?

Here are three key factors to look into to improve your On-site audit:

1) Backlinks:

How many websites link to your content and what is the authority of the website linking? More the links and higher the authority, the better your chances to rank. Sometimes bad coding contributes to this. Backlinks help in search ranking for your hotel website.

SEO- On site Audit
SEO- On site Audit

2) Competitor Analysis:

Keep a track of your competitors and analyze your marketing strategies. It’s always good to map your results against a few key competitors. Where do you stand?

3) Social Mentions:

Social mentions help as well in SEO off-site ranking. Are your content being shared and your website mentioned? It’s good to keep a track of all your social mentions and respond to them.




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