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7th Indonesia Hospitality Conference: Reshaping Future

4-in-1 Two-Day High-Energy Conference. Join us to unleash your brand essence in Indonesia Hospitality & Travel Industry covering four themed summits

Hotel Development & Design Summit
Hotel Development & Design Summit

Hotel Investment Summit Indonesia

#HISI ushers in a robust dialogue among hotel owners, investors, hotel chains, sustainability experts, and legal professionals, delving into the prosperous yet intricate landscape of hotel investments in Indonesia. From sustainable ventures to adept risk management, this summit exemplifies the fusion of financial sagacity with sustainable principles.

Hotel Design Summit Indonesia

The design-centric dialogue at #HDSI beckons a dynamic community of interior designers, architects, hotel operators, and industry pioneers. This summit aims to sculpt a narrative around biophilic aesthetics, interactive technologies, and the quintessence of holistic wellness in design, echoing modern-day environmental and aesthetic exigencies.

Travel Byte Summit Indonesia

#TBSI transcends the conventional to explore the digital and sustainable facades of travel. This summit is a catalyst for insightful discussions among industry leaders, OTAs, Airlines, Car Rental Companies, Cruises, and Travel Tech Vendors, aiming to redefine Indonesia's stance in the global travel sector with a lens focused on sustainability, innovation, and digital acumen.

One of the Event
One of the Event

Hotel Revenue Summit Indonesia

#HRSI epitomizes the convergence of operational ingenuity, revenue management, and marketing innovation, tailored to the unique market dynamics of Indonesia. This summit aims to foster a collaborative ambiance among hotel operators, OTA executives, and solution providers, sharing invaluable insights to propel the industry towards new zeniths of success.

The Hospitality Asia Event Series, owned by Hospitality Asia Media Pte. Ltd., is a defining conference brand in Asia's Tourism and Hospitality sector. The series showcases premier events such as the Hospitality Indonesia Conference (HIC), Hospitality Vietnam Conference (HVC), Hotel NextGen China (HNG), Hospitality Malaysia Conference (HMC), Hospitality Asia Forum (HAF), Hospitality Philippines Conference (HPC), Hospitality Japan Conference (HJC), and the Hospitality South Korea Conference (HSKC).

While many regional conferences chiefly attract CEOs, Hospitality Asia fosters broader participation, engaging C-suites, VPs, GMs, and Directors who are deeply involved in daily operations and negotiations. This approach offers a more encompassing view of the industry. With the support of advisers stationed across Asia, our programs remain relevant and infused with current, actionable insights.

The series is set to become Asia's elite platform for hospitality professionals to stay abreast, collaborate, and build strategic alliances. Hospitality Asia Event Series aims to be and will be one of Asia's prestigious conference brands by providing a unique platform for hospitality professionals to keep abreast with industry trends, gain insights, exchange ideas, and forge partnerships. To find out more of what we do, you may visit:



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