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Kalandara Resort Lombok: A Haven of Tranquility

Kalandara Resort is a luxury resort located on the beach side of Senggigi, Lombok. It’s a perfect place to relax, built with terraced architecture to ensure breathtaking ocean views from every angle.

Kalandara Resort Lombok
Kalandara Resort Lombok


In total two hectare area, the elegant Kalandara Resort discrete luxury – comfort with combining contemporary and traditional décor accompanied by 270‑degree ocean view and hill from the main infinity pool. To provide an unforgettable experience as the main means of vertical transportation to the villa from the lobby, the spectacular view inclinator will give a quite different sensation as a part of our facility.


Kalandara Resort offering 29 unit villas with 26 units Anila ‑ One Bedroom pool villa, 2 units Akasa ‑ Two Bedroom pool villa and 1 unit Amreta ‑ Three Bedroom pool villa which each villa equip with private pool, exceptional ocean view with fabulous dramatical sunset in the afternoon.


Anila in Sanskrit means “Wind“, as the name suggests “Anila” is expected to always provide coolness and freshness to the people around and the environment. Anila designed with combining contemporary & traditional décor. Completed with infinity plunge pool, direct to ocean view and hill as complement to capture the natural beauty of the surrounding


Akasa in Sanskrit is the “Sky”, as the name implies “Akasa” is expected to always give beauty to the people around and the environment. Akasa itself is designed by combining contemporary & traditional décor. Equipped with an infinity plunge pool, 270 degree sea views and hills as a complement to capture the beauty of the surrounding nature.


Amreta in Sanskrit means “Water“. As the name implies “Amreta” is expected to always provide a source of life for the surrounding community and the environment. Amreta itself is designed by combining contemporary & traditional decor. Equipped with an infinity plunge pool, direct to sea views and hills as a complement to capture the beauty of nature.

Amatera Restaurant

Experience a range of delicious flavors and dining experiences at Kalandara Restaurant. A selection of authentic local cuisine and international cuisine such are also available to enjoy. It is open for breakfast every morning, offering a delicious choice of different options. From international favorites and healthy fare to local-style dishes and signature specialties, our culinary team understands the importance of a good breakfast to start the day off right.

For dinner, Kalandara Restaurant transforms into a romantic environment complete with elegant table settings and mood music drifting through the night air. A semi‑fine dining menu takes guests on a flavorful journey of culinary excellence driven by sustainably sourced ingredients from the land and sea.

Infinity Pool

The pool is strategically located near our Matera Restaurant, creating a seamless blend of culinary delight and scenic beauty. As you float in the clear waters of the pool, you can feast your eyes on the panoramic ocean view, watching as boats glide across the water and birds soar in the sky. It's a view that's constantly changing, yet always mesmerizing.

It's a testament to our belief in inclusivity and our commitment to providing memorable experiences for all our guests. So whether you're staying in one of our private villas or just visiting for the day, you're welcome to take a dip in the pool and soak up the stunning views.

Aluna Spa

In the quietude of Aluna Spa, you’ll find more than relaxation. You’ll find a journey towards self‑discovery, a moment to listen to your inner self. It’s about experiencing the healing power of touch and the transformative power of relaxation.

Exclusive Outdoor Inclinator

At Kalandara Resort, we pride ourselves on offering unique experiences that set us apart. One such feature is our one‑of‑a‑kind inclinator elevator lift, the only one in Lombok. This exceptional amenity not only provides convenience but also adds an element of excitement to your stay. As you ascend or descend in our inclinator, you'll be treated to a unique perspective of the beautiful surroundings.

Discover Your Exclusive Journey

Discover the essence of meaningful luxury with us, where your journey becomes a testament to life’s profound beauty. Experience the luxury!⬇ WhatsApp +6285186816680 Email



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