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ID HOTELIER - One of the industries with the fastest global growth rates is the luxury hospitality and real estate sector, which provides a premium experience to high-end customers.

Luxurious Hotel Bed -  Media by WiX
Luxurious Hotel Bed - Media by WiX

The market trend is anticipated to increase in 2023 as the world continues to recover from the epidemic, and businesses in the industry must keep up with new developments to stay competitive. The luxury hospitality and real estate markets’ top trends for 2023 are listed below.

Rise of experiential travel

The luxury hospitality sector has seen experiential travel as a trend that is only projected to grow in importance by 2023. Visitors are increasingly looking for distinctive and engaging experiences that let them engage with the local culture and community rather than the conventional amenities and services provided by luxury hotels and resorts. Luxury hospitality firms are refocusing their efforts from offering a hotel room to developing a customized and tailored experience for each visitor to meet this demand.

For instance, some opulent hotels provide cultural activities like art exhibits, musical performances, visually appealing antiques, wine tastings with regional sommeliers, and gastronomic experiences that highlight local cuisine. These opportunities provide visitors with a chance to engage with the community and learn about the local culture, leaving them with lifelong memories that go beyond the typical hotel stay.

Luxury residences

High-net-worth individuals are becoming more and more interested in luxury homes, and this trend is anticipated to continue this year. Since buyers are looking for homes with upscale features like private gyms, swimming pools, and spas, some developers are providing concierge services to meet their clients’ expectations. The COVID-19 pandemic has also raised interest in upscale homes in suburban and rural locations where residents may live affluently and amidst beautiful scenery while keeping their social distance.

Still, if you want to take your enjoyment to the next level, you need to be careful when choosing destinations for your luxury residence. For instance, Montenegro is a country that will give you everything you need, especially if you are a homeowner, so looking into comfortable luxury properties for sale in Montenegro might be the right thing to do in 2023.


The luxury hotel and real estate markets have hastened the adoption of technology due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Digital services like mobile check-in, virtual concierge, and contactless payments are increasingly expected by customers. Luxury hotels and real estate companies are responding by putting money into cutting-edge technology to improve the customer experience and optimize their processes.

To help customers with their requests and offer tailored advice, some hotels have adopted chatbots and AI-powered concierge services. Luxurious homes are also implementing smart home technology, giving homeowners smartphone-based access to their home’s lighting, temperature, and security. The luxury hospitality and real estate markets will continue to leverage technology in 2023, and companies that invest in cutting-edge technology will have a competitive advantage.


For enterprises in real estate and upscale hospitality, sustainability has emerged as a key consideration. Consumers are increasingly more concerned about the environment and demand that hotels and resorts use sustainable techniques. Luxury resorts and hotels are responding by implementing eco-friendly measures including conserving energy and water, utilizing biodegradable items, and buying locally made goods.

Even some hotels are putting in their renewable energy systems, like solar and wind energy. Sustainability is advantageous for both the environment and business. Luxurious resorts and hotels that use sustainable methods can draw guests that care about the environment and are willing to pay more for eco-friendly amenities and services.

Health and wellness

Customers now place a higher priority on their physical and emotional well-being than ever before as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic’s emphasis on health and wellbeing. As a response to this trend, upscale lodging establishments like hotels and resorts now include fitness programs, spa services, and meditation sessions. To assist visitors in achieving their health goals, some hotels are even introducing wellness programs that integrate lifestyle and nutrition coaching.

Luxurious hotels and resorts are emphasizing a clean and hygienic atmosphere in addition to health and wellness offerings, and that is just one of the ways for the hospitality industry to respond to the pandemic. Because of the increased demand for cleanliness, hotels, and resorts are introducing improved cleaning procedures to protect their visitors.

The market for luxury lodging and real estate is continuously changing, so companies that remain on top of the latest developments will be in a good position to draw affluent clients. Luxury hospitality and real estate companies can set themselves apart from their rivals and draw in affluent clients by offering distinctive and immersive experiences, implementing cutting-edge technology, prioritizing sustainability, designing luxury residences that satisfy changing buyer needs, and providing health and wellness services.

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The hotel industry is always changing, especially during a time of crisis. Make sure to future-proof your business and continue attracting new guests by investing in these solutions.

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