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Hompton by the Beach Penang has managed to dramatically reduce manual admin while boosting bookings and revenue after adopting the STAAH channel manager.

ID HOTELIER - Hompton By The Beach Penang is a 4-star hotel with the persona of ‘home’, offering travellers a restful sojourn along the strategic Tanjong Tokong seafront in Malaysia. It welcomes casual tourists and families as well as business travellers. It promises all guests an unforgettable experience reminiscing the irreplaceable comfort of home, upped with attentive services and a panoramic vista of the mesmerizing Andaman Sea.

From manual updates to system integration

Hompton by the Beach had a problem not alien to a number of small to mid-sized properties. The Hompton team was getting bogged down by manual work involved in attracting and processing of bookings.

Hotel operations such as receiving, recording, and inputting reservation data into the property management system had to be done manually, which was time-consuming and ineffective. Not to mention that updates were not in real-time across all channels as they were reliant on a human to be inputted.

This also increased chances of errors when it came to inputting rates and availability with any failed or incorrect updates leading to a poor guest experience. Moving to the STAAH channel manager enabled automation of these operational tasks, saving the hotel’s staff time and resources.

Partner support and ease of use key reasons to choose STAAH

There is no dearth of channel management technology in the market for hoteliers. STAAH stood out with its advanced features and affordability as being a market leading technology.

“What really turned the dial for us when it came to choosing STAAH as our technology partner was its customer support,” says Mr Afif, Commerce Manager at Hompton by the Beach Penang. “It was easy to use and the support team was very attentive and easy to reach. Our enquiries are always quickly and efficiently dealt with by an informed STAAH team”

Following a quick integration and training sessions for the team, Hompton by the Beach joined the STAAH network in 2018. Since then there has been no looking back.

Bookings spike after automation

“One of the biggest benefits of inventory management and room rate management automation that the STAAH Max Channel Manager has brought has been the ability to implement a dynamic pricing strategy,” adds Mr Afif.

“By moving away from a static seasonal rates strategy to one that is more responsive to the dynamic travel environment we see today, we have significantly increased our bookings that show a 90% rise since we joined STAAH.”

Combined with the reduced overheads of manual tasks and errors in OTA rates/ inventory management, moving to STAAH has been a win for Hompton by the Beach Penang; one they’d like to recommend to all hoteliers looking to improve their revenue and operational efficiencies.

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