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Marketing Distribution VS Sales Distribution.

Many still believe that it is sales distribution that is the only concern for us to grow our hotel business. but I see it differently.

Producing Content - Media by WiX
Producing Content - Media by WiX

Informing and Educating vs. Selling

Marketing distribution focuses on informing and educating potential clients and helping them make informed decisions. This approach builds trust and fosters a more positive customer experience. On the other hand, traditional sales distribution can sometimes come across as pushy, centered around pricing, and might not resonate well with modern consumers. Therefore, the future of the hotel business will be on marketing distribution instead of sales distribution.

Reducing Customer Journey Length

Sales distribution can lead to a longer customer journey with numerous touchpoints. Customers today often seek a more streamlined and efficient booking process. By prioritizing marketing distribution, hotels can potentially simplify this journey by providing valuable information upfront, reducing the need for extensive touchpoints.

Storytelling and Value Communication

Sharing stories about your hotel's community involvement, environmental initiatives, or contributions to education is a powerful way to connect with customers on a deeper level. Customers increasingly appreciate brands that align with their values and have a positive impact on society. Marketing distribution allows you to showcase these stories and create a more meaningful connection with potential guests. Customers need more stories that we build on the product and marketing distribution should be seen as a way to communicate our value.

The Role of Technology Companies

As we have seen in the industry tech companies push for sales distribution. it's important for tech companies and hotels to find a balance between streamlining sales and preserving opportunities for value communication through marketing.

Last but not least, the importance of evolving with changing customer preferences. By shifting the focus from sales to marketing distribution, hotels can not only improve the customer journey but also build stronger brand connections and convey their values effectively. This shift can help hotels thrive in an industry that is becoming increasingly competitive and customer-centric.



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