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7 Online Tools Recommended by Our Partner Service Team

Technology is rapidly changing and everything being online these days can make your life hassle-free. With so many simple tools available we have gathered a few names which might make your life easy.

Digital Tool - Media by WiX
Digital Tool - Media by WiX

Our Partner Service handles a large volume of calls, chats and emails every day. They have put together a range of tools that we are pleased to share which will assist hoteliers in making their life easy.

1. Google Hotel Insights

Discover who’ll be searching to stay in your area — and get tools and tips to make your business stand out online when the time is right. It’s a free tool by Google. Find out more here

2. Google Trends

Google Trends is a free-to-use website by Google that analyzes the popularity of top search queries in Google Search across various regions and languages. The website uses graphs to compare the search volume. It’s a great tool for hoteliers especially to keep a track of what’s trending in their region. Find out more

3. Canva

Canva is a super easy editing tool and can be used in both paid & free versions for basic photo editing, creating banners, logo, email newsletter banners, pdf, etc. This tool can help you especially if you don’t have a marketing team or graphic designer and want to save time there are plenty of preset templates you can work on for your hotel website. Find out more here

4. Image Resizer

This is a very useful tool to resize multiple images all at once. While setting up your STAAH Account initially you might require this tool to resize room/property images. Find out more here

5. Colour Matcher

The app can be downloaded free of charge. Hoteliers/Accommodation owners can use this for matching colours from their website to the MAX or instant BE. Find out more here

6. Domain Finder

If you are unaware of your property’s Domain provider this site can help find the domain and contact them directly for assistance. Many times when the property has a new owner of an existing hotel/motel and has no clue who had provided the domain you can go to this website to find the answer. Find out more here

7. DNS Checker

This is to check whether a Custom or Instant site is pointed to a STAAH IP. Just enter the property URL and search for A records. This gives all the IP’s.

What’s my DNS is an online tool that helps website owners and webmasters to verify their domain’s DNS Records by simply inputting their domain name. This tool translates your domain name into an IP Address, which helps the browser to communicate with the server to load the website’s resources. Find out more here

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