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Ribas Hotels Group Strengthens the Presence of the Brand in Asia: Meet Representative In Bali Office

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

The Indonesian island of Bali is known in the world for its nature and cultural heritage. The popularity of the island among travelers and expats grows every year.

Bali Privilege Partners - Ribas Hotel Group
Bali Privilege Partners - Ribas Hotel Group

This is logical - in Bali, all conditions have been created for a comfortable life, recreation, and business development. These factors help it to occupy high places in international ratings of investment attractiveness.

The expansion of the activities of the international hotel operator Ribas Hotels Group takes place together with Bali Privilege Partners - a group of companies created by the union of the best representatives - the European holding company Go Group Estonia, the development company Bali Development Privilege and the Atmosphera construction company.

A unique partnership that combines the strongest technologies, knowledge, and experience to create competitive development products with integrated management that are guaranteed to lead to total payback.

European quality and reliable investment in real estate on a paradise island

The Bali Privilege Partners group of companies has excellent knowledge and practical experience in the legal aspects that foreign investors face in the Bali market and provides comprehensive support at all stages of investment - from legal advice to property management.

The choice of founders is based on the principle of synergy of strengths, which allows combining the unique competencies of each company. This provides an integrated approach that helps to overcome the complexities of investment and development and to create outstanding properties in Bali. The international hotel operator Ribas Hotels Group provides comprehensive management of income real estate from the start of construction to obtain a stable income stream. Professional property management ensures optimal profitability of invested funds and also increases the value of real estate in the long term.

Bali Privilege Partners not only provides a reliable mechanism for investing in real estate but also contributes to the development of tourism and the economy of the region.

Cooperation with leading development and hotel industry representatives makes it possible to improve the island's infrastructure, offer better service and attract more tourists, which positively affects the return on investment.

Together with the Bali Privilege Partners Group, we aim to create a property that will attract investors and guests for years to come. Our philosophy includes a balance between a high level of comfort for guests and responsible business conduct, which positively affects the growth of real estate values.

Results of cooperation with Ribas Hotels Group:

  • Average hotel profit increase – 34%

  • Increase in business capitalization – 30%

  • The average increase in guest loyalty – 20%

  • Object loading increase - 40%

  • 100% reduction in costs for advertising and commission to agents

  • Increase in the cost of living - 20%

Conquer the Bali market with Ribas Hotels Group!

Our representative in Bali Ksenia Dronga is ready to answer all your questions. You can contact her via this link



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