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8 Ways to Market Your Hotel According to Season

Distribution plans need diversified strategies to cater to seasonal changes. A well-thought-out action plan helps maintain healthy levels of demand all year long.

Seasonal changes affect occupancy rates. The slow season can sometimes trigger a price war and busy seasons can end up being stressful. Here are a few tips on how you can market your hotel seasonally:

1) Be Proactive and Analyze your Markets.

An in-depth analysis of your source markets will reveal where your guests come from for each season. For example, Europeans would like to get away in winters to warmer places like Southeast Asia or Latin America. So, identify the trend and do targeted offers to capture their bookings, well in advance.

2) Understand Your Channels Performance

Review the performance of all your online channels in detail. A close look at the monthly reservations data from each channel can help identify the pattern for all seasons. Accordingly, you can strategise on ways to optimize the seasonal performance of these channels.

3) Entice Travelers for an Increased Stay

Lure the travelers for an increased stay at your property by offering discounts for longer stays or offering value add packages. This is particularly helpful for targeting leisure travelers as they tend to stay longer than business travelers. Such offers can be rolled out during weekends and holiday periods where demand from business customers is generally low.

4) Partnerships

Drive business through local and global partnerships as they do help increase your presence in the market thereby driving more traffic. During low season especially this strategy works great, as your rooms and services can be clubbed as a package along with the partners offering.

5) Understand User Booking Journey

Travelers usually compare the deals and rates on multiple OTAs before confirming their booking. Analyze these booking window sessions per season, to know what channels are performing best in terms of gaining reservations. With this data, you can create a clever strategy to get more bookings.

6) Competitor Intelligence

Set competitive rates based on your competitors to attract more customers. STAAH’s intelligence tools, WatchMyRate, and STAAH’s help you price your rooms against your competition and get more bookings. Also, keep an eye out for the distribution partners your competitors work with along with understanding their rates and offers.

7) Content Makeover

Visual content with happy and appealing images often results in more clicks. Use of sunshine and cocktails images for summer promotions or snow and skiing images for winter vacations on your metasearch profile, social media accounts, and official website will result in added traffic.

8) Inspire Loyalty

It’s not uncommon for families to return to the same hotel year after year. Attracting families to your hotel repeatedly is an excellent way to build a loyal customer base. Friendly staff topped with passionate service makes a huge difference in guest experience and ensures repeat visits. Use this loyalty in translating to more direct bookings by offering exclusive seasonal offers.

We hope the above points will help you create your seasonal distribution strategy to keep you ahead in the game. We are always looking to receiving your suggestions and inputs. Write to us at



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Managers will benefit most in setting strategies well ahead. New competition requires a focused leadership team. Then earning points for improved brand standards. With fresh outlook to new market segments.

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