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Why You Really Need a Smart Pricing Feature ?

Smart pricing for hotels – with this new feature in ConvertDirect Booking Engine and grow your bookings from specific targets

Do you have a certain number of guests coming from a certain region? Or bookings made via mobile more often? Sometimes you might be also getting guests who book in advance for multiple nights and you would like to give them a special offer so they visit you again.

For all these above reasons STAAH has released a new feature “Smart Pricing” for all ConvertDirect Booking Engine users and it is absolutely free for our ConvertDirect Booking Engine users.

What is Smart Pricing?

It is a feature that allows a property to set up deals dynamically and easily by calculating pricing based on applicable conditions and give them the ability to target some specific markets. There is an option for the Discount formula where the property will have to enter the percentage amount to offer the discount.

There are four types of discounts that can be used under the Smart Pricing module:


This is a discount based on a specific country/IP address on a rate plan basis. Property can set a rate plan based on a booking coming from a specific region or IP address. This is helpful in knowing your maximum bookers from which region you get the most and can give them a discount.


Property can set discounts for bookings coming from a Mobile device. This not only encourages the guest to book via their mobile phone but also helps you in getting more direct bookings. Guests will be encouraged to book via their phone due to the discount offered by you.


This is another discount option a property can give its guests. If guest books for multiple nights, the property can set a discount type for a certain number of days.

This will encourage a guest to book for multiple nights to avail of a discount hence helping the property to get booked.

Advance Purchase:

Another good way to encourage your guests to book is to set an advance purchase offer. This is a discount for early bookings based on the number of days that can be set by the property.

These new features inside the ConvertDirect Booking Engine can make your life easier by mitigating complex and time-consuming rates set up. Overall the process will be faster and will allow you to get more bookings easily.

This is a new feature that STAAH has launched earlier this year. Avail of this feature and make the most by converting your lookers into bookers and grow your direct booking by using STAAH’s ConvertDirect Booking engine.

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