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Connecting with your audiences with the right kind of message is important on social media. This blog shares some tips to help you stay on the right side of social posting during the current pandemic.

Social Network Concept - Media by WiX
Social Network Concept - Media by WiX

First, let’s establish the need for social media right now. If you are wondering why you should be bothering with social media platforms in these strange times, consider these points.

  1. Your guests or potential new guests will visit your social media pages to stay informed.

  2. Keeping them updated with the latest information and share content about services, opening, post-COVID hygiene measures, etc. critical.

  3. Social media is an affordable way to reach many. It is arguably a less expensive marketing channel.

  4. Social media is important to create your brand presence and help your guests gain confidence in your services.

Where to post?

Which Social media channels matter the most?

This is a tough question and varies for every property. Look into your analytics to see which channels/ social media sites have been most successful in helping you gain reach and engagement. Where are you most likely to find your target guests? Some of you may have new target audiences (new potential guests) as you adapt to the changing travel landscape.

Ideally, try to post on all your active social media accounts.

Remember, Google My Business / Google Business Profile is a social platform too and one that your guests are most likely to come across. Don’t forget to make updates there.

Pro tip: Platforms such as Google My Business / Google Business Profile and Facebook have a COVID-19 section that will help you prepare the right response for your business.

Now that we’ve established why you should not be giving social media a miss and where to post, what should you be communicating via these channels.

COVID-19 related posts

What protocols are you taking to keep your staff and guests safe? Use social media to keep people informed about your health and safety protocol, and updates made to meet strict hygiene criteria of COVID-19.

  • Keep your guests informed about changes that could affect their bookings, now or in the future.

  • Provide local updates – what’s closed, what is open, events canceled, etc.

  • As you run operations on a shoestring budget, use staff time more efficiently by making the most frequently asked questions related to COVID-19 more readily available via your social channels. You could create a post and pin it to the top on Facebook and add as a blog post on Google My Business.

  • What services on your property are affected by the coronavirus? For instance, your pool, spa and health centre may currently be closed.

  • Local health authority updates while vastly available are also good to post or repost to keep your followers in loop.

  • Highlight your flexible booking and cancellation policies to provide prospective guests with faith in your operation.

Specials and promotions

Got a deal for your prospective guests? Share it now on social media.

Provide book now, redeem later offers/ marketing strategies and promotions.

Provide value packages – more for less.

Ensure that your offers fall within any guidelines set by local health authorities to ensure social distancing and hygiene standards are maintained to contain the spread of this coronavirus.

More post ideas

Highlight your team. Social media users love to hear people’s stories. Talk about your people and their passion to serve. Get your staff to share their local stories on your social channels.

Blow your own trumpet by posting about charities and initiatives you may be supporting during this pandemic. This includes offering your property as a quarantine centre, providing food to people, etc.

  • Talk up your stand-out amenities. Why should guests choose you?

  • Share user-generated content, even if it is a blast from the past. Nothing puts a smile on people’s face more than the sight of happy travelers, something which is rare to come by now.

  • Ask engaging questions. Example – share a post from your poolside and ask your followers to comment on the one place they wish they could be.

  • Are there time-insensitive posts on your page that you can re-share? For example, something about your location or services?

  • Guest reviews are always good to share.

  • Link to key days and events of the year. www.daysoftheyear is a great tool to provide upcoming days.

  • Share inspirational quotes and fun, uplifting posts. Participate in these types of posts/hashtags: #motivationalmonday, #happyfriday, #humpday, #ThrowbackThursday, or simply share an encouraging message about kindness and compassion.

  • This may be a good time to ramp up the sharing of local greats and little-known spots. (#golocal #supportlocal)

  • Feel-good stories about your local area is also great to post. Top 10 lists are always welcomed – create a few.

To conclude

Posting on social media is as relevant as pre-COVID. Spend time in creating a content calendar and assess the tools you have to manage online reviews to ReviewMinder and social media channels. Remember, your guests may likely contact you via this channel for updates, so keep on top of notifications.

If there is something we’ve missed that must make it to this list of ideas, share it with us via

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