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STAAH and Asian Hospitality Management Leader Archipelago Announce Partnership

STAAH, a leading cloud-based distribution platform has announced a strategic technology partnership with Archipelago International, Southeast Asia’s largest privately owned hotel management group that operates more than 350 hotels and residences across 200+ locations.

STAAH & Archipelago International Partnership
STAAH & Archipelago International Partnership

The tech partnership will fuse together the benefits of STAAH’s advanced online distribution technology with Archipelago’s vision to operate ‘best-in-class ' properties that exceed the expectations of guests, owners, and employees.

The alliance is aimed to boost Archipelago’s plug-and-play solution to increase leads and revenue for its clients. The plug-and-play service by Archipelago follows an audit and fix process with the aim of improving online connectivity for all its clients and converting every connected channel into a revenue-generating machine. STAAH’s powerful and dynamic online distribution and booking capabilities will play a critical role in enabling this vision.

“Driving better revenue through automation and innovation has been a core principle for us,” says John Flood, President and CEO – Archipelago International

“We have always looked for performance, scalability, flexibility and easy-to-use interfaces in our technology partners. STAAH met and exceeded on all fronts, and we are excited for the opportunities this partnership unlocks for our clients.”

With more than 45.000 keys, 350+ hotels and clients in more than 200 locations across Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Oceania, Archipelago has been a trusted hotel management group since 1997.

Its award-winning suite of brands includes ASTON, ASTON Collection Hotels, Alana, Huxley, Kamuela, Harper, Quest, Hotel NEO, favehotels, Nordic, and Powered by ARCHIPELAGO. The group works towards a mission of exceeding guest expectations in all their hotels, helping staff develop their careers, while supporting owners in designing, creating, and successfully operating a ‘best in class’ hotel that they can be proud of.

“This partnership brings together two aligned visions for the widening of Archipelago’s suite of customers to the world of online commerce and the transformation of travel through smarter technology,” says Tarun Joukani, Commercial Director – STAAH.

“We know through various surveys that today’s traveler is highly tech-savvy and seeks seamless connection from booking to service. By connecting Archipelago’s deep understanding of its client’s needs and STAAH’s innovative technology platform, we are confident that we will be able to bring more of these travelers to the doorstep of Archipelago-managed hotels.”

About Archipelago

Archipelago International is Southeast Asia’s largest privately-owned hotel management group with more than 40,000 rooms and residences in over 200 locations across Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Africa and Oceania. A trusted hotel company with a long track record and award-winning brands including ASTON, Collection by ASTON, Alana, Huxley, Kamuela, Harper, Quest, Hotel NEO, fave, Nordic and Powered by ARCHIPELAGO.

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