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Updated: Feb 13, 2023

ID HOTELIER - Willingness to work hard in a challenging environment with perfect utilization of his knowledge and experience gained over time. He will strive for overall betterment of the company by using his creative & innovative thinking along with effective interpersonal, communication, problem solving & organizational abilities at his service level.

Mr. Stanley Steward Gaspersz - Front Office Manager of Pearl of Trawangan
Mr. Stanley Steward Gaspersz - Front Office Manager of Pearl of Trawangana

Tell us about your career on hospitality industry ?

👉 I started my career in the hospitality world after graduating from school in 1998. Early working in a small hotel with a total of 30 rooms. After that I started moving from one hotel to another. From one management to another and from one island to another in Indonesia. The experience of working in opening a new hotel, meeting and collaborating as a team in an area adds insight into ethnic and linguistic diversity, making me more stable and mature in dealing with types of guests and co-workers wherever I am.

What are typical regular requests of guest during their stay ? .

👉 Most of our guests request for Honeymoon Decoration since they come to Gili for honeymoon trip. For this requested we could provide and arrange it for our guests.

Some of guest from India, use to request a Vegetarian and or Vegan food as well. Since our restaurant not provide a specific menu, we used to provide the information to our guests where they could have a good vegetarian restaurant in Gili Trawangan.

What are some Check In challenges on the operation ?

👉 Handling check in could have some of challenges such as ; Guest asked to early check in, Guest request for specific bed type and floor. Nevertheless those requests could be explained politely and they will understand. The most challenges is when the guest pursuit to check in but the number pax ( person ) is not suitable with their voucher.

Sometimes they put 2 person but they come with 3 or 4 person. Its hard to explain to them since they have their own assumption that they could sleep together with their children which is already more than 12 years old. And the worst thing is, the room what they booked could not setup an extra bed.

We have to explain this matter very carefully and always refer to their voucher and hotel regulation.

Do you have tips so your check out process will be very quick?

👉 Check out tips could be very smooth depends on the preparation a night before. Some of the hotel have a procedure to spread the bills to the guest room who will be check out tomorrow, it could be depends on occupancy of the hotel and how many staff will stand by in the morning.

Sometimes we used this method, but to avoid any missed understanding from the guests, we used to arrange all bills a night before they leaving. We will closed the transaction on the date of they departure day to avoid any missing bill and will be open based on requests from the point of sales.

Maximum check out process is 3 minutes including double check to the room by room checker to ensure there is nothing of guest items left behind in the room .

Do you experience that it is very hard to have workers for hotel and what is the reasons?

👉 Working in the hotel industry is easy and everyone from any educational background could working in the hotel.

Recruiting new hotel workers is always a challenge because we have to provide a questions according to their educational background and work experience. However, the most important thing in the process is their Communication Ethics and Personality during interview process. This is a basic skill for hotelier

Sometimes it is hard to find a workers who have a basic skill like it, especially when the applicant has an experiences in some hotels before.

The reason why hotel getting hard to get a worker now is too high standard for salary as a new comer and some of the worker will join for not more than 6 months only. Hotel must recruit another worker again and training again. That is why, hotel will select all applicant very carefully before get them into the team.




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