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Tips to Have a Successful Hotel Website to Boost Conversion

Great guest experience begins with your website, even before the guest walks in through the door. Your website should be creating potential customers to paying guests.

Website setup - media by WiX
Website setup - media by WiX

Attract visitors with a beautiful & responsive website. Engage them with good content & design. Then convert your web visitors into guests with STAAH’s powerful booking engine. Your hotel’s website is its face on the internet. If it doesn’t do a good enough job, it is more than likely that your prospects will choose your competition over you.

Here are a few tips that can help you increase conversion from your hotel website and drive more direct bookings:

Simple Navigation With the new normal, everyone is online and to attract a potential guest you must have your hotel website stand out.

Don’t clutter your homepage – or any page for that matter. Provide only relevant information and in easily digestible bits. Remember you’re dealing with a fickle web audience and have only a few seconds to sell them your story and convert and make sure it’s mobile optimized.

Making a site’s navigation feel as effortless as possible is one way to make people follow through with the booking on your own site. STAAH Instant Website has a solution to attract visitors with a beautiful & responsive website. Engage your visitors with good content & design.

High Res Images & Videos Content is the key to a good website. Showing the guests before they arrive a virtual room tour or high res images of the property rooms, facility, and amenities scan create a huge difference. A booker is more likely to book after seeing the images because he will be convinced with a story in his mind of what to expect from the property.

Seamless Booking Engine Ensure that you have an easy to use and secure booking engine. Then convert your web visitors into guests with a powerful booking engine such as STAAH ConvertDirect Booking Engine. STAAH also has a great widget ‘WatchMyRate’. The WatchMyRate widget displays live rates from five different channels, which can be seen by all visitors, driving direct bookings and revenue for your property. Remember to make sure your booking engine complies with the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI DSS).

Mobile friendly This is a must-have and cannot be neglected. If you aren’t mobile-friendly, make that your #1 on your to-do list! Non-mobile friendly sites are now being penalized by search engines and ranking systems, which will make any competitors show above yours as a priority. In this day and age, you will find that a majority of your potential guests will be booking online, and on their mobile. Your website needs to be optimized for this to happen and make it easy for them to book. You can also set Mobile-only deals to attract more direct bookings from your hotel website.

Reviews and Testimonials Customer reviews should be a big part of your content because it helps to build trust if a potential guest is about to book via your website. Having reviews displayed can create transparency and help the book decide to complete a booking.

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