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  • How to Know a Good Location for a Hotel?

    Building a hotel is a significant decision due to the substantial investment involved. It becomes a major gamble if the decision to build a hotel is not preceded by a process of ensuring the investment's potential returns. The success of a hotel is influenced by various key factors, and location is one of them. Choosing the right location greatly impacts the future success of a hotel once it is operational. Conversely, making a mistake in selecting an inappropriate location can lead to failure right from the start. The biggest question is how to determine if a location is suitable for a hotel? How can one know if a hotel built in that location will be successful once completed and operational? To evaluate whether a location is suitable for a hotel, it is necessary to consider its market potential. It should be understood that the hotel market fundamentally consists of two main segments: the leisure market and the business market. A location with potential in the leisure market will attract hotel guests motivated by tourism, while a location with potential in the business market will attract guests engaged in business or official activities. Tourism activities are greatly influenced by the presence of tourist destinations in the area surrounding the location. The closer the hotel is to the center of these tourist destinations in the area, the better. However, it should also be noted that a location dependent on the tourism market will see its guests influenced by the timing of vacations and weekends. On the other hand, a hotel location relying on business activities will be significantly influenced by the business developments around it. These activities can originate from the private sector or government. The closer the hotel is to business activities, typically in city centers, the better. A hotel location with potential business guests will be busier on weekdays rather than during holiday seasons. The best location is one that has potential in both tourism and business markets. An ideal example of a hotel that combines both is a hotel located in the center of Paris, France. Paris is not only a business hub but also a global tourist destination. Below is a checklist of key questions to assess the potential of a hotel location: 7 Basic Questions to Assess the Potential of a Location for a Hotel 1. Are there tourism market guests available for a hotel in that location? 2. Are there business market guests available for a hotel in that location? 3. Is there adequate ground, sea, and air transportation infrastructure to the location? 4. Is the domestic market available? 5. Is the international market available? 6. Has the area around the hotel location already developed? 7. Are there already hotels in the area where one is planned to be built? If the majority of the above questions are answered with "YES," then the location can be said to have good potential. About Writer : Ojahan Oppusunggu : Former Technical PM – DTS ACCOR Indonesia & Malaysia, Former CTO of Topotels Hotels & Resorts, Former Director of Technical & Technology of Artotel Group and Currently as Project Director/Owner Rep. Kapuk Hills Hotel Jakarta – Handwritten Collection

  • Archipelago International Unveils "Treats Everywhere " - A Culinary Journey Through Asia

    Jakarta, 16 July 2024 -  Archipelago International, Indonesia's leading hotel operator in Southeast Asia, invites you on a delectable food adventure with the launch of their new "Treats Everywhere" program. This exciting culinary journey takes center stage with the Asian Flavor Journey theme, promising to tantalize your taste buds with the rich tapestry of Asian cuisine. Indulge in a culinary journey with our versatile dishes, perfect for both hearty meals and leisurely snacking. Embark on your Asian food odyssey at over 79 Archipelago International hotels spread across Indonesia's diverse islands from July to September 2024. This special offer is available across Indonesia from Sumatra, Java, Bali, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua. Enjoy the delightful taste of Indonesia or Asian dishes such as Maranggi Crispy ala Aston Priority Simatupang, Pempek Palembang from Harper Palembang, and Trilogy Snack ala favehotel Manahan Solo & Solo Baru. ( Click the pictures to learn more about the promotion) Whether you're a seasoned foodie or simply curious about Asian cuisine, this promotion offers something for everyone. With such a diverse menu, you can embark on a new culinary adventure every day and still have discoveries waiting at the end of the summer. In addition to the distinctive Asian cuisine menu, this offer also introduces uniquely Indonesian beverages under the theme "Local Twist Beverage." Various modern drinks infused with local ingredients are prominently featured across all hotels under Archipelago International. Crafted by their talented mixologists, these unique beverage offerings complement the Asian culinary experience, providing an unforgettable dining experience.  ( Click the pictures to learn more about the promotion) “Treats Everywhere is all about good food and good vibes. We are not just serving dishes; we are taking you on a flavor adventure through Asia. Our menu is packed with yummy treats that will make your taste buds dance. Share these delightful moments with loved ones as you savor the authentic tastes of Asia, one dish at a time,” said Winston Hanes, Vice President of Operations at Archipelago International. Head over to Archipelago International's website to learn more about the "Treats Everywhere" program and book your stay at a participating hotel. This will ensure you don't miss out on this unforgettable Asian culinary adventure. Treats Everywhere is a unique opportunity for travelers in Indonesia to delve into the rich tapestry of Asian cuisine. Whether you're staying for business or pleasure, this program promises to transform your hotel stay into a memorable exploration of Asian flavors and culture. So, pack your appetite for adventure and embark on an unforgettable Asian culinary journey with Archipelago International's "Treats Everywhere." For more information and reservations, guests can visit this link to learn more about the promotion: .  About Archipelago International Grup perhotelan swasta terbesar di Asia Tenggara, dengan lebih dari 45.000 kamar dan residence di lebih dari 200 lokasi di seluruh Asia Tenggara, Karibia, Timur Tengah, dan Oseania. Perusahaan hotel terpercaya dengan rekam jejak panjang dan portofolio dari 12 merek pemenang penghargaan termasuk ASTON, ASTON Collection Hotels, Alana, Huxley, Kamuela, Avanika, Harper, Quest, Hotel Neo, fave, Nordic, dan Powered by ARCHIPELAGO. ​ . Media Inquiry: Sari Kusumaningrum Senior Director of Corporate Communications & PR Archipelago International

  • Maximizing Revenue Streams: Leveraging Day Use Hotel Rooms

    In the world of hospitality, traditional approaches often operate within rigid, pre-defined time slots (Night stays, for example) where a room was either fully occupied for a night or it wasn’t. In contrast, the modern trend of day-use hotel rooms is a much-needed upgrade on the traditional approach to cater to the dynamic demands of the modern guest. AT&T started focusing on selling data more than selling minutes in the late 2000s, when asked about the strategy pivot the then head of AT&T, Stan Sigman, allegedly remarked – ‘There is only a minute in a minute’. Similarly, ‘ there is only one night in a night’ can be applied to the hospitality industry. Imagine a scenario where a person checks into your hotel at 9 pm with their flight leaving early in the morning and they check out at 6 am. Given that such use cases are becoming more common, this represents a full half day of wasted revenue and space that could have been cashed in by offering ‘day use hotel rooms’. Day Use Hotel Rooms: A Modern Concept What are day-use hotel rooms? Well, as the name suggests, these are hotel rooms that can be used for a smaller part of the day as opposed to the traditional 20-hour check-in, and check-out cycle. This is not to say that the traditional approach must be scrapped altogether. On the contrary, day-use hotel rooms must be used as an ace up the sleeve of the hoteliers to offer rooms that are empty due to early check-outs, and late check-ins and thereby increase the revenue of a room exponentially. Advantages of Offering Day-Use Hotel Rooms For a hotel owner, the biggest benefit of offering day-use hotel rooms is a boost in revenue . As explained before, your room can potentially be occupied multiple times during a single day as opposed to just one occupant who might check out early to catch an early morning flight. A hotelier can tap into this additional revenue without having to change their operations drastically. Another advantage is that you attract new customer profiles to your property by catering to people who need to make a pit stop in between their travels, work during the day, or celebrate a special occasion with their loved ones during the day. All of these potential guests are the ones who were previously unlikely to consider booking a room at your hotel. Due to the transient nature of day-use hotel rooms, there is an opportunity for the hoteliers to club other services that your hotel may provide – spa, gym, restaurant, or any other service that may need an advanced booking – with the day-use room and create another stream of revenue. Understanding Day Use Hotel Room Customers 1) Business Travel There are many professionals (consultants, sales representatives, etc.) who travel to a city, take a couple of meetings, and travel back. A day-use hotel room is perfect for such guests who need the hotel room for a few hours to freshen up and prepare for their meeting. They might even conduct meetings in the hotel’s conference rooms thus providing another opportunity for the hotelier to fully utilize their hotel’s spaces which may have been underutilized before. 2) Business Events Similar to business travels, business events such as a gala, charity relief, seminars, etc. are a perfect use case for day-use hotel rooms where the employees can be provided with their own private space to prepare for the event, freshen up, and take a breather if needed. This provides a goldmine of potential revenue to be earned for the hotelier by offering corporate bundles including day-use hotel rooms for shorter events. 3) Layover Leisure One can trace the genesis of the day-use hotel rooms idea to airport layovers where travelers were using the hotel room often only for a few hours but paying the rent for the entire day.  Introducing day-use hotel rooms is an absolute win-win in this scenario where hoteliers can serve multiple layovers during the day and the travelers are provided with more options of where they want to rest during their long layovers. 4) Work From Hotel With remote/hybrid work on the rise, day-use hotel rooms which are designed to allow guests to be able to work out of the room is a pretty solid use case. Whether someone is looking for a change, or they have too many meetings to attend their home is too noisy and cafes do not afford privacy, a day-use hotel room is perfect. Hotels can tap into another opportunity to provide Work From Hotel (WFH) packages to corporates to boost their revenue. 5) Special Occasions Since day-use hotel rooms can be offered for a discounted rate as it is to be used for only a few hours, it can open up various possibilities such as celebrating an anniversary or a birthday (with Spa and massages), going on day-dates with your partner, or indeed celebrating Valentine’s day. This provides yet another opportunity for a hotelier to market their rooms in a way that sells an experience of celebration, and luxury at a reasonable price. Integrate Day Use Hotel Rooms in Your Booking Engine Now that you have understood the importance and the potential of offering day-use hotel rooms, the natural next question would be, how to do it? STAAH’s SwiftBook Booking Engine has just the feature for you. The Day Use Room feature incorporates all the insights mentioned in the blog so far and makes it extremely user-friendly for the hotelier to leverage this opportunity and step into the future of the modern hospitality world. Source :

  • Alma Hailed as No. 1 Resort in Southeast Asia by Travel + Leisure

    CAM RANH, Vietnam (July. 10, 2024) – Vietnam’s Alma Resort has been called out as the top resort in Southeast Asia, the No. 2 resort in Asia, and No. 9 resort worldwide in this year’s Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Awards.   The US-based publication announced the winners of its World’s Best Awards on July 9, with Alma scoring 99.2 on the awards’ 100-point survey .  The World ’s Best Awards are widely considered to be one of the two most important awards in the worldwide hospitality industry. Readers voted for their favourite hotels, destinations, cruise lines, airlines, railway journeys, and more. According to Travel + Leisure , “hundreds of thousands” of readers “respond every year, making T+L World’s Best Awards the industry leader .   R atings help define excellence in travel and guide fellow travellers to the best of the best. ”   “A 30-hectare stunner on Cam Ranh Peninsula in southern Vietnam, Alma Resort not only holds the title of best hotel in Southeast Asia, but also one of the best in Asia and the world. ‘Alma is exceptional,’ wrote one T+L reader, calling out its laundry list of ‘incredible facilities.’ This comprises 12 (yes, 12) swimming pools, a water park with a lazy river, and other kid-friendly to-dos like a science museum and cinema. But grown-ups will be spoiled for choice, too, thanks to a spacious spa and 14 restaurants and bars that include a fine-dining Italian venue and the beachfront Atlantis with fresh, local seafood. Add to that beautiful accommodations, some with private pools, and service that one T+L reader called ‘phenomenal,’ and you have a recipe for a perfect beach vacation,” Travel + Leisure’s associate editorial director Alisha Prakash wrote about Alma.   “Oceanfront Alma, on the Cam Ranh Peninsula just south of Nha Trang, Vietnam, is a full-featured beach resort with 12 pools, 14 restaurants and bars, plenty of kid-friendly activities, a spacious spa — and even an on-property farm from which many ingredients are sourced,” wrote Travel + Leisure’s news director Paul Brady and special projects editor Jess Feldman.   Alma’s managing director Herbert Laubichler-Pichler said the resort’s “tireless and dedicated” team and “hugely supportive” owner were “utterly thrilled” with the recognition.  “We’ve come so far and have achieved so much since Alma’s debut in December 2019 and it is such a privilege for an independent Vietnamese resort to be named among the world’s best,” he said.       “In this year’s World’s Best Awards, readers’ favorite hotels span far and wide, with 38 countries making an appearance on the 2024 list. Properties in destinations like India and Southeast Asia are among the highest scorers this year, along with 16 stellar U.S. properties. At each hotel, voters were wowed by the style and the service of the top 100: Every winner scored higher than 97 on our 100-point survey,” Travel + Leisure said .   The list of World’s Best Awards 100 hotels is here:   The list of the Top 25 Asia and Southeast Asia Resorts of 2024 is here:     G lobal recognition for Alma from Travel + Leisure  this month follows Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Macau  last month naming Laubichler-Pichler “Vietnam’s Best General Manager” in the “Travel + Leisure Luxury Awards Asia Pacific 2024”. Readers of Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Macau  also voted Alma in the top five of the “Best Hotel Pools in Vietnam” category.   To contact Alma or to make a booking, please visit , call +84 258 399 1666 or email           -ENDS- About Alma   Situated on Vietnam’s emerging Cam Ranh peninsula fronting Long Beach, Alma resort commands some 30 hectares of inspiring ground. Emblematic of Vietnam's maturation as a destination, the bold and spacious integrated resort offers 580 oversized suites and pavilions that all afford sweeping vistas of the ocean, including contemporary three bedroom oceanfront pavilions each totalling 224sqm with a living room, four bathrooms and a private pool. Alma features a broad spectrum of restaurants helmed by top chefs, a food court with an array of local and international cuisine, as well as a sports bar, pool bar and beach bar. Other highlights include 12 swimming pools cascading down to the beach and a waterpark with a lazy river, slides, wave pool and kids pool. Other highlights include a 13-treatment room spa, 75-seat cinema, convention centre, amphitheater, science museum, gymnasium and yoga room, 18-hole mini golf course, a youth centre with virtual reality games, a kid’s club, golf simulator, onsite sustainable farm and even an 'Alma Mart' mini supermarket.

  • The Sales Department Setup for Hotel Openings

    Several months before the hotel begins operations, sales activities for the hotel should already commence. By starting sales before the hotel opens, the goal is to have guests filling the hotel from the very first day of operation. Subsequently, the occupancy rate can quickly increase over time. Generally, a hotel needs an occupancy rate of around 30% to cover its operational costs. Therefore, for a newly opened hotel, working capital needs to be prepared to cover the shortfall in operational costs during the initial months of operation. The speed at which the occupancy rate increases depend significantly on the comprehensiveness and aggressiveness of the sales program implemented. Generally, it takes between 3 to 6 months for a newly operating hotel to become self-funded. To maximize hotel sales, all hotel sales channels must be optimally utilized. Below are the sales channels according to their market segments: - FIT (Free Independent Traveler) : Individuals or small groups (less than 5 people) who make their own reservations for independent travel:    - Walk-in   - Direct reservations  - OTA (Online Travel Agent)    - Corporate    - Government    - Travel agent    - Wholesaler - GIT (Group Inclusive Tour) : Groups of more than 5 people with a pre-arranged itinerary and special pricing:    - Government    - Corporate    - Travel agent    - Wholesaler Every newly operating hotel requires sufficient time to achieve optimal hotel performance. In the long run, the principle of "Don't put all eggs in one basket" is advisable. Therefore, it's beneficial for the portfolio of market segments mentioned above to be fully operational. There is a correlation between hotel performance and the number of accounts registered in the hotel system. Thus, monitoring the growth of hotel accounts regularly allows for analysis and exploration of potential opportunities that can be pursued. Each market segment has its own characteristics and requires different approaches, resulting in varying response speeds from each segment. Normatively, in terms of response speed, the market segments follow this order: - Online bookings, whether through direct booking (Central Reservation) or OTA (Online Travel Agent) - Government market - Travel agents - Corporate contracts By applying the right pricing and market penetration strategies for each market segment, optimal hotel performance can be achieved within a relatively short period. Therefore, analyzing existing statistical data from each market segment is crucial to understanding market conditions. As an example, here are some OTA market segment data from Traveloka for Topotels Hotels & Resorts in the first quarter of 2017. Across 18 hotels in various cities in Indonesia, with nearly 20,000 rooms, the summary is as follows: From the statistical data, it's evident that more than 60% of OTA guests book on the same day. Less than 10% of bookings are made more than 5 days in advance.   In terms of length of stay, the majority of OTA guests stay for just one night (over 80%), while those staying more than 3 nights make up only around 11%. The government market segment is acquired through processes such as tenders or comparisons with competing hotels when a relevant event is to be held by the concerned institution. Hence, the amount of business gained from this market segment is somewhat influenced by the hotel's ability to win such tenders. To attract guests from the corporate market segment requires relatively greater effort compared to OTA and government markets. This is because typically, when a hotel starts operating, these companies may already have contracts with established competitor hotels. Therefore, these companies need to be convinced that the newly opened hotel offers advantages over its competitors. However, once the market is established, the corporate segment consists of repeat guests who are loyal, ensuring relatively stable long-term production. About Writer : Ojahan Oppusunggu : Former Technical PM – DTS ACCOR Indonesia & Malaysia, Former CTO of Topotels Hotels & Resorts, Former Director of Technical & Technology of Artotel Group and Currently as Project Director/Owner Rep. Kapuk Hills Hotel Jakarta – Handwritten Collection

  • AONE Hotel Jakarta: Scaling New Highs with STAAH

    Accurate, affordable and scalable – with STAAH AONE Hotel Jakarta found just the solution they were looking for to support efficient distribution. Great location. Great space. AONE Hotel Jakarta is a four-star hotel , elegantly designed to appeal to the modern traveller. It is generously sprinkled with luxuries which combined with its warm hospitality leave its guests smiling when they walk out of the doors. Conveniently located in Jl Wahid Hasyim the financial and diplomatic district of Jakarta, it features 150 beautifully appointed rooms, an indoor pool, a fitness centre, spa and free WiFi. Since its opening in 2016, AONE has been a preferred destination for both leisure and business travellers. On the hunt for a more robust technology partner At the heart of every modern property is a smart distribution technology , one that does uses data to inform rates and inventory optimisation. Then it uses real-time connections to ensure that updates across all channels are seamless and quick, honouring the rate parity agreements with Online Travel Agents (OTAs). These are not wishes, but minimum needs for a hotelier to survive and thrive in these competitive times. At the end of 2018, AONE Hotel’s team realised their channel manager did not make the cut when it came to rate disparity between OTAs. Updates from their previous system were not quick enough, and ridden with errors , causing rate differences. In an online world, where the digital word by other guests (a.k.a. online reviews ) matter, AONE Hotel also found itself on the backfoot to capitalise on their high guest ratings. An easy, painless, solution The implementation was quick and with support from STAAH’s customer support team, available locally , the AONE team was set-up and trained to use STAAH’s Channel Manager and Online Reputation management tools in no time. Along with meeting AONE Hotel’s need for rate parity, STAAH’s insights provide an opportunity for the team to assess pricing and address the rate challenges that it presented. STAAH insights provide key visibility on business and market performance along with detailed, digestible reports such as parity, channel mix and pace reports . The addition of ReviewMinder by STAAH was equally simple . Once enabled, online feedback from guests simply flows through to AONE’s website. It also allows the Aone team to manage feedback and respond from one central dashboard, as well as analyse the sentiment and respond by making operational or business changes as required to keep the sentiment positive. Positive results and a fruitful partnership STAAH measures in where it matters most, delivering more bookings and helping AONE Hotel Jakarta improve their revenue. Efficiencies have been made along the way with reduced administration effort by the AONE team, and the error rate on OTAs is down – rate disparity is a thing of the past. Best part, all this comes at a price that doesn’t break the bank! Find out more about AONE Hotel on their website Source :

  • Unlock the Ultimate Hotel Experience : 7 Benefits of the Archipelago International Membership App

    Archipelago International, Southeast Asia's largest hotel management company, is always revolutionizing guest experiences with its latest innovation, the Archipelago Membership app. Designed for loyal guests, this app offers a numbers of benefits, making it easier than ever to access premium hotel services. Here are seven standout advantages of using the Archipelago Membership app: Seamless Booking Anytime, Anywhere:  Effortlessly book your hotel room at your convenience, no matter where you are. Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy a minimum of 15% off on every hotel room booking, with potential for even greater savings. Personalized Butler Service:  Experience unparalleled personalized service with the app’s butler feature, allowing you to request assistance from dedicated staff. Stay Reminders:  The "My Booking" feature keeps you informed of your upcoming stay dates, ensuring you’re always prepared. Vast Accommodation Choices:  Choose from 150 luxurious hotels across various city locations in Indonesia, tailored to your travel needs. In addition to these features, the app provides: Reward and Loyalty Perks:  Receive exclusive discounts and offers of up to 15% via email, enhancing your booking experience. Food and Beverage Discounts:  Enjoy discounts ranging from 10% to 20% on dining, whether you’re staying at the hotel or simply stopping by for a meal with friends. Getting started with the Archipelago Membership app is straightforward. Here’s how you can register and start enjoying these benefits: Download the App:  Find the Archipelago Membership app on Google Play Store or the App Store. Register Easily:  Sign up using your social media account for a quick and hassle-free registration. Book Your Stay:  Select your preferred hotel and room, and book directly through the app. Manage Bookings:  Use the "My Booking" feature to view and manage your reservations effortlessly. “Guest satisfaction is our top priority at Archipelago International. The Archipelago Membership app is a testament to our commitment to enhancing service accessibility, particularly in hotel bookings and service access. This innovation ensures we stay ahead in the digital era,” said John Flood, CEO of Archipelago International. The app offers a quick and easy registration process, available anytime. Don’t miss the chance to join the Archipelago Membership and take advantage of the exclusive promotions. About Archipelago International Grup perhotelan swasta terbesar di Asia Tenggara, dengan lebih dari 45.000 kamar dan residence di lebih dari 200 lokasi di seluruh Asia Tenggara, Karibia, Timur Tengah, dan Oseania. Perusahaan hotel terpercaya dengan rekam jejak panjang dan portofolio dari 12 merek pemenang penghargaan termasuk ASTON, ASTON Collection Hotels, Alana, Huxley, Kamuela, Avanika, Harper, Quest, Hotel Neo, fave, Nordic, dan Powered by ARCHIPELAGO. ​ . Media Inquiry: Sari Kusumaningrum Senior Director of Corporate Communications & PR Archipelago International

  • 6 Potential Guest Expectations with Direct Bookings

    For a hotelier, direct bookings are one of the most lucrative channels as there is no commission to pay, higher chances of the guest completing the booking, stronger brand recall, and so on.  However, the thing that makes direct bookings lucrative is the hotel owner’s ability to be in touch with the expectations of the potential guests. Unfortunately, good insights aren’t available easily which makes the job of the hotelier rather difficult when it comes to growing direct bookings as a channel. In that light, here are 6 expectations that a potential guest would have when going through the direct booking route: User-Friendly Interface According to a 2023 Statista report , 53% of travelers cited the speed of booking as the reason for booking their travels online rather than with a travel agency. A seamless UI thus becomes quintessential to providing the high speed at which the guests expect their booking to be made. Mobile Compatibility In 2023, nearly a third (32%) of travel bookings in the U.S. and Canada were done on mobile websites as mentioned in a report by Expedia . Year by year the gap between mobile and desktop booking is narrowing which means maintaining a mobile presence and delivering a seamless mobile experience is extremely important. Secure and Multiple Payment Options With the ever-increasing modes of payments, having a one-stop-shop payment gateway at the end of a booking journey has become an unspoken expectation rather than a stand-out feature. Hotel owners will be better off ensuring that they have multiple global and regional payment methods integrated for a superior user experience. Rate Comparison An average user who is making an online hotel booking is invariably bound to make a comparison in terms of rates offered by different platforms. This is an important insight for a hotel owner to make their direct booking channel stand out by providing a rate comparison feature, one that compiles rates offered by different platforms, on their hotel booking engine . Social Proof – Testimonials, Reviews, etc. A study by Tripadvisor cited that 93% of users consider online reviews before booking a hotel. Providing high-quality, legitimate reviews helps hotel owners to nudge their potential guests. A hotel owner would be better off equipped with reputation management tools that cater to fostering good relationships with their guests. Personalization An important and often overlooked feature of online hotel booking engines is personalization. Online users are more likely to complete their booking of a hotel when they are provided customized hotel packages, value add-ons, flexible cancellation policies, etc. based on their needs. A booking engine that provides such customization will help a hotel manager have the foresight built into their systems to serve their guests’ needs. All-In-One Solution: Booking Engines Understanding the needs of the guests can be done in one of two ways: First is the trial-and-error method where the hotelier will have to try a bunch of things based on half-baked insights and ‘intuitions’ The other way is to do a booking engine integration with their direct channel to reap the benefits of the aforementioned insights The second approach is more likely to bring you success as a hotel owner by being more structured, methodical, and current to your guests’ needs. State-of-the-art booking engines for hotels such as SwiftBook by STAAH equip your arsenal with the insights and foresight you need to ensure that your offerings are in line with the expectations of the potential guests. What Makes Swiftbook State-of-the-art? As we mentioned before, to be successful, hotel owners need to be in touch with the potential expectations of the guests. When you look at the 6 expectations outlined in the blog so far, you realize that a hotelier would have to have multiple systems in place to fulfill these expectations – from having multiple and secure payment options to having a quick and seamless user journey on their website, providing customized rates and add-ons to various guests. This is where SwiftBook comes in. SwiftBook has features that not only cater to the above potential expectations of the guests but also go above and beyond to have features that take care of any potential unseen expectations as well. Here is a quick run-down of the features of SwiftBook and the corresponding needs that they fulfill: If you want to capitalize on these insights and skyrocket your direct bookings, book a demo for SwiftBook today! Source :

  • Hotel Room Sales Pricing Policy

    The total operational revenue of a hotel is significantly influenced by the pricing policies applied. For instance, when boarding a flight to a city and conversing with passengers nearby, one might discover that each passenger purchased their ticket at a different price, despite being on the same flight receiving the same service. Similarly, guests booking hotel rooms may find that prices for the same room type on the same night vary. With advancements in computer systems and IT, hotel operational prices are influenced by time, the number of sales channels, and the law of supply and demand. All of this aim to maximize total revenue by month-end. Hotels need to harmonize their pricing to ensure all sales channels and market segments operate effectively: - OTA Rate vs Corporate Rate : Guests purchasing through Online Travel Agencies (OTA) typically book within 1-3 days, whereas corporate bookings are often made more than 3 days in advance. Thus, setting prices on OTAs far in advance may not be productive, especially if OTA prices are lower than the corporate rates within the corporate booking window, as corporate clients might choose to book via OTA. - Direct Booking Online vs OTA : Direct online bookings, managed by the hotel itself, incur no commission fees, unlike OTA bookings, which are subject to 15-25% commissions. To make direct bookings more appealing, hotels can offer prices 10% lower than OTA prices. - Offline Travel Agent Price vs OTA Price : Guests using offline travel agents usually plan vacations well in advance, sometimes months ahead, and compare prices with those on OTAs. If OTA prices are lower, guests are likely to book via OTA. - OTA Price vs Walk-in Price : The walk-in price, offered directly at the hotel reception, may be higher than OTA prices. In such cases, guests tend to book through OTAs. With a well-functioning computerized operational system, hotels can track bookings well in advance. If the system shows a high number of bookings before the arrival date (H-day) and predicts high occupancy, the hotel can leverage the law of supply and demand by increasing room prices. Higher occupancy allows for higher room rates. Conversely, if hotel occupancy is unexpectedly low on the arrival date, the hotel may consider lowering prices for that day. Data indicates many guests, especially Free Independent Travelers (FIT), book rooms for the same day via online portals. Additionally, if hotel occupancy remains low past midnight, the hotel may implement a pricing policy for selling "remaining time" (up to 12 hours) at a special rate, recognizing the potential for unsold rooms being less competitive. About Writer : Ojahan Oppusunggu : Former Technical PM – DTS ACCOR Indonesia & Malaysia, Former CTO of Topotels Hotels & Resorts, Former Director of Technical & Technology of Artotel Group and Currently as Project Director/Owner Rep. Kapuk Hills Hotel Jakarta – Handwritten Collection

  • Coffee Catch-Up @Mataram

    Join us for a Coffee Catch-up in Mataram, Lombok, Indonesia, featuring STAAH, Agoda, KAI Hotel Solutions, Hotel E-Commerce Revenue Community (HERC) - Lombok and ID Hotelier as the media partner. Discover how to elevate your distribution strategy and propel your business to new heights. Speakers: Yuni Listiari, Caesarika Sanjaya and Leo Tan Reserve your spot now:

  • Coffee Catch-Up @Mandalika

    Join us for a Coffee Catch-up in Mandalika, Lombok, Indonesia, featuring insights from STAAH, KAI Hotel Solutions, WINCLOUD Property Management System, Mandalika Hotel Association and ID Hotelier as the media partner. Join us for an interactive discussion aimed at refining your distribution strategy increasing your revenue. Speakers: Nur Wulan T., Leo Tan and Nia Karuniasih Reserve your spot now:

  • Aston Bintaro Hotel & Conference Center Has Now Opened in the Bintaro Residential Area, South Tangerang

    Archipelago International proudly announces the forthcoming debut of its latest venture, the Aston Bintaro Hotel & Conference Center. Set against the dynamic backdrop of South Tangerang, this distinguished four-star establishment is poised to redefine accommodation. Aston Bintaro Hotel & Conference Center will stand as a testament to exceptional hospitality and refined elegance. Conveniently located at Jln. Cendrawasih Raya No 25, Bintaro Sawah Lama, the hotel's strategic positioning in the residential area of Bintaro, South Tangerang ensures both accessibility and exclusivity for its guests. Bintaro, situated approximately 15 kilometers from Jakarta, is rapidly evolving into a bustling area due to its proximity to the city center and various amenities such as Bintaro XChange Mall, Taman Kota, and integrated public transportation. Aston Bintaro Hotel & Conference Center emerges amidst the rapid development of Bintaro, introducing a fresh ambiance with modern facilities including Google Nest, a restaurant, a ballroom, and a swimming pool. Meticulously crafted to exceed expectations, the Aston Bintaro Hotel & Conference Center embodies a seamless fusion of comfort, convenience, and personalized service. Embracing a prime locale near the bustling Bintaro shopping center, the hotel offers a serene retreat amidst the urban pulse, catering to the discerning needs of business and leisure travelers alike. Excellent Accommodation for a Peaceful Stay Comprising 168 well-appointed rooms, the Aston Bintaro Hotel & Conference Center presents a diverse array of accommodations tailored to elevate the guest experience. From the indulgent comforts of the Superior Rooms to the panoramic vistas offered by the Deluxe Premier Rooms, each space is designed to provide a sanctuary of tranquility amidst the vibrant cityscape. Superior Rooms:  With 72 units, Superior Rooms offer a comfortable retreat with luxurious beds, marble bathrooms, free WiFi, Google Nest facilities and SmartTV with a variety of channels. This accommodation prioritizes relaxation and modern connectivity, ensuring a stay that suits the needs of today's travelers. Deluxe Rooms:  Luxurious facilities with a total of 24 units, including luxurious beds, marble bathrooms, free WiFi, Google Nest, and SmartTV with local and international channels, are the hallmarks of Deluxe Rooms. This room type balances luxury with practicality, emphasizing a commitment to a classy stay. Deluxe Premier Room:  Enhancing the experience with a spacious layout with a total of 40 units and beautiful views, the Deluxe Premier Room combines modern facilities with room design, equipped with Google Nest facilities. Ideal for those seeking a greater level of comfort and aesthetic appeal. Junior Suite:  With an area of 60 square meters and a total of 24 units, the Junior Suite provides guests with additional space and amenities, including complimentary drinks, coffee makers, plush robes, and Google Nest technology, contributing to an environment that combines practicality with refined coziness. ASTON Suite:  At the pinnacle of luxury with a total of 8 units, the ASTON Suite stands out with its sleek design and city views. Complete amenities and integrated Google Nest amenities characterize this suite, creating an environment that embodies sophistication and luxury. Facilities Exceed Expectations ASTON Bintaro Hotel not only offers comfortable room accommodations but also various facilities designed to meet every need: Culinary Experience : Kasuari Restaurant serves delicious dishes harmonizing traditional local flavors with international cuisine. It offers a diverse menu featuring not only Indonesian specialties but also dishes from around the world. Ultimate Relaxation : The fifth-floor adult and children swimming pool as well as a mini water park, provides a refreshing outdoor environment for relaxation. Additionally, a relaxing spa is available to unwind after a long day. Fitness Center : Located on the third floor, the Fitness Center offers state-of-the-art equipment for those seeking rejuvenating workouts. Guests can enjoy complimentary access to these facilities during their stay at the hotel. Rajawali and Merpati Meeting Room:  Featuring flexible seating arrangements and partition options, this meeting room is equipped with amenities such as wireless broadband internet access, LCD projector, and audio system. The rooms cater to events of different capacities, reflecting the hotel's commitment to providing a versatile and professional environment for business meetings and conferences. "We are delighted to present the newest Aston in Bintaro, Our commitment is to provide an unparalleled experience, seamlessly blending contemporary comforts with genuine hospitality. Situated close to the bustling business and culinary district, Aston Bintaro offers an ideal setting for both leisure and business travelers. We invite everyone to stay at Aston Bintaro for an unforgettable experience." stated John Flood, CEO of Archipelago International . For More Information: For further details, please visit  or follow @archipelagointernational  and @ astonbintaro  on Instagram. About Archipelago International Archipelago International is Southeast Asia's largest privately-owned hotel management group with more than 45,000 rooms and residences in over 200 locations across Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Oceania. A trusted hotel company with a long track record and award-winning brands including ASTON, ASTON Collection Hotels, Alana, Huxley, Kamuela, Harper, Avanika, Quest, Hotel NEO, fave, Nordic, and Powered by ARCHIPELAGO. ​ . Media Enquiries: Sari Kusumaningrum Senior Director of Corporate Communications & PR Archipelago International

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