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Hotel Market Forecasting

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Service Description

We use either univariate (exponential smoothing & ARIMA), bootstrapping or econometric models to forecast supply, demand, occupancy, ADR, RevPAR, NOI and cap rates for clients at the property, competitive set, market or segment levels with predetermined prediction intervals. Hotel forecasts tend to rely on the familiar “point” forecast – a single number representing the best estimate of the result. But point forecasts provide no indication of the uncertainity in the number, and uncertainity is an important consideration in decision making. Call us today to see if your business can benefit from our hotel forecasting services which incorporate prediction intervals in all of our forecasts. Our objective is to generate forecasts as accurate and unbiased as can reasonably be expected – and to do this as efficiently as possible so that our clients can make better decisions.

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Mataram, Mataram City, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

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