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Electrical studies are an integral part of system design, operations, and maintenance. (NFPA 70B )

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A study of power distribution system to get the profile of power. reliability and to ensure the safety operation for worker, equipment and factory. Short Circuit Studies. Short circuits or fault currents represent a significant amount of destructive energy that can be released into electrical systems under abnormal conditions. Under fault conditions, short circuit currents can cause serious damage to electrical systems and equipment and create the potential for serious injury to personnel. Load Flow Studies. A study that shows the direction and amount of power flowing from available sources to every load. By means of such a study, the voltage, current, power, reactive power, and power factor at each point in the system can be determined. Protection Coordination Studies. A protection coordination study, is done to improve power system reliability. Improper coordination can cause unnecessary power outages. For example, branch circuit faults can open multiple upstream overcurrent devices. This process can escalate and cause major blackouts, resulting in the loss of production. Blackouts also affect personnel safety. Reliabilities Studies. A reliability study is conducted on facility electrical systems to identify equipment and circuit configurations that can lead to unplanned outages. The computed reliability of alternative system designs as well as the selection and maintenance of components can be made to determine the most economical system improvements

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Mataram, Mataram City, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

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