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SiteMinder’s Hotel Booking Trends Report Highlights the Rise of International Arrivals and Longer Stays at Indonesian Accommodations

Updated: Feb 7


Jakarta, Indonesia – SiteMinder, the name behind the only software platform that unlocks the full revenue potential of hotels, has launched its annual SiteMinder’s Hotel Booking Trends report.

The anticipated report is based on new analysis of more than 115 million 2023 accommodation reservations worldwide.

Accommodations in Indonesia stood out for the growth in international arrivals, how long travellers stayed at their properties and their average booking lead time, compared to others globally. Findings from SiteMinder’s Hotel Booking Trends, a report based on the world’s largest and most comprehensive set of hotel booking data globally, include:

  • The amount of international visitors rose as a percentage of all hotel arrivals in Indonesia. Some 86% of hotel arrivals came from international travellers in 2023, up from 77% in 2022 and 33% in 2021.

  • The average booking lead time in Indonesia grew by 55% due to accelerated international bookings and enthusiastic travel planning from travellers that came from Australia, the UK, and the US, among other countries. The average booking lead time surged to 29 days, up from 11 days in 2021.

  • As a world-class leisure travel destination that was one of the last in Asia to welcome back foreign guests, travellers unsurprisingly stayed at Indonesian properties for longer than the global average in 2023. Approximately 1-in-4 check-ins were for three nights or more.

  • The day before New Year’s Eve, 30 December, is reported to be the busiest day within the Indonesian accommodation industry alongside Thailand and Mexico, with December also the sector’s busiest month.

Bradley Haines, SiteMinder’s market vice president of Asia Pacific, believes that the rise of international travellers visiting Indonesia further solidifies the increase in traveller confidence witnessed globally.

“Travel, especially international travel to Indonesia, accelerated quickly in 2023. Travellers have regained their confidence and are again booking longer than average stays, well ahead of time, in order to secure the best possible accommodation deal. As international travel has returned, it has been the hoteliers ready to connect with an evolving range of guests that have been best rewarded.”

In Indonesia, the Top 12 hotel booking sources in 2023, based on the total gross revenue generated by those using SiteMinder’s platform, were:


  2. Agoda

  3. Expedia Group

  4. Hotel Websites (direct bookings)

  5. Traveloka

  6. Hotelbeds

  7. Luxury Escapes



  10. DidaTravel

  11. MG Bedbank

  12. Global distribution systems

Bradley continues, “While our data highlights that traditional travel trends have returned to Indonesia in many ways, it’s important to acknowledge that guest behaviours have certainly changed. For local properties this can be displayed perhaps most clearly by the way travellers booked their 2023 stays. Hotel website bookings rose to their highest ever position as a revenue-generating channel for local hotels last year, showing that travellers have never felt more comfortable securing their stay via a local website. The rise of Luxury Escapes also displays the desire among many travellers to secure package deals in today’s economic climate. As the mix and preferences of their guests diversifies, hoteliers must remain dynamic in the way they do business and become increasingly strategic about how they market and sell their rooms online.”

SiteMinder’s Hotel Booking Trends report is available here.

Local hoteliers are also invited to a webinar on February 27, where the report's findings will be discussed in-depth. Hoteliers can register here.

About SiteMinder

SiteMinder Limited (ASX:SDR) is the name behind SiteMinder, the only software platform that unlocks the full revenue potential of hotels, and Little Hotelier, an all-in-one hotel management software that makes the lives of small accommodation providers easier. The global company is headquartered in Sydney with offices in Bangalore, Bangkok, Barcelona, Berlin, Dallas, Galway, London and Manila. Through its technology and the largest partner ecosystem in the global hotel industry, SiteMinder generates more than 115 million reservations worth over US$45 billion in revenue for its hotel customers each year. For more information, visit


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