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Dubai Investor and The Owner of Tropik Resort Lombok Partner for Multifaceted Tourism Development in Central Lombok

Praya, Central Lombok - A strategic partnership between a Dubai-based investor and a Tropik Resort Lombok owner is poised to transform Central’s Lombok tourism landscape.

Strategic Partnership
Strategic Partnership

Samir Ahmed Munshi, representing the investor, and Michael Martin, Owner of Tropik Resort Lombok, are joining forces to develop a multifaceted tourism project that capitalizes on the region's natural beauty and growing popularity.

Mr. Samir, drawn to Central’s Lombok pristine Selong Belanak Bay, envisions a luxurious haven for travelers from all over the world. "We plan to construct a star-rated hotel and resort " he stated. "This will provide an idyllic escape for those seeking a blend of cultural immersion and relaxation."

Beyond accommodation, the partnership aims to develop a vibrant shopping mall in Praya, acknowledging the increasing tourist influx.

Mr. Samir, emphasizes the need for streamlined permitting processes, stating, "We want to bring more people to this beautiful place quickly, and efficient approvals are crucial."

The project receives enthusiastic support from Mr. Michael Martin, who sees it as a catalyst for Central’s Lombok economic growth. "The infusion of overseas investment, particularly from Muslim-based countries, is timely," he remarked. "Samir's interest in ITDC projects and discussions highlight the potential, and Selong Belanak Bay holds immense possibilities."

Michael further emphasizes the need for infrastructure development in the Bay Area, stating, "This area is gaining significant foreign tourist interest, and accompanying infrastructure is crucial. We hope this partnership paves the way for necessary improvements."

Central Lombok Regent Mr. Lalu Pathul Bahri welcomed the investment proposal, highlighting its potential to benefit the local community. "This is a positive development for Central Lombok ," Mr. Lalu Pathul remarked. "We share the same faith, and we're committed to facilitating the process. Consider me your point person for any permit-related concerns."

Adding to the project's scope, Mr. Samir has already signed an MOU for land in Selong Belanak Bay. This land is earmarked for a unique Nature Reserve and Wellness Retreat, catering to the growing demand for mindful and immersive travel experiences.

This partnership signifies a significant development for Central’s Lombok tourism industry. It leverages foreign investment, local expertise, and a diverse project portfolio to create jobs, enhance infrastructure, and establish Central Lombok as a multifaceted destination catering to various tourist segments.



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