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Why Your Hotel Not Getting Enough Bookings Through Your Google Business Profile

Hotels today rely heavily on online bookings, and Google Business Profile (GBP) is a prime spot for attracting guests. You've set up your profile, included a booking link with your booking engine on your website.

Google Search by Askar
Google Search by Askar

So why aren't the bookings rolling in through Google?

Several factors could be at play:

  • Booking Competition: GBP results prominently feature online travel agencies (OTAs) alongside your hotel's booking link. While convenient for travelers, it creates competition. Potential guests might be lured away by special offers or loyalty programs on these platforms. In most cases , as I see in reality, the displayed price on Hotel Google Business Profile is much higher than the rates offered on OTAs platforms. This is the most challenging issues face by many hotel in managing their price ( I have highlight on my previous post that the hotel need to have a daily rate check on their GBP ). Lastly, hotel really need know how OTAs manage their programs to make sure their rate is always lower than hotel rates. (

  • Organic Ranking: GBP listings prioritize relevance over pure advertising. Ensure your profile is optimized with detailed descriptions, high-quality photos, and positive guest reviews. This can improve your ranking and organic visibility within GBP searches.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization: Both your GBP profile and hotel website should be optimized for conversions. Clear calls to action, highlighting special offers, and user-friendly booking interfaces can all nudge potential guests towards booking directly.

  • Google Ads Strategy: Consider running targeted Google Ads campaigns alongside your GBP profile. This allows you to appear at the top of search results for specific keywords related to your hotel and location.

Last but not Least, Outdated Booking Engine:  Another culprit could be your hotel's own booking engine. Technology advances quickly, and an older system might be slow, clunky, or lack features that today's travelers expect. A cumbersome booking process can frustrate potential guests and lead them to abandon reservations mid-stream.

Consider investing in a modern booking engine that offers a smooth, user-friendly experience with features like:

  • Fast Loading Time : Today's travelers are impatient. A slow booking engine is a surefire way to lose conversion

  • Mobile Friendly Design : More and more bookings happen on smartphones. Ensure your booking engine is optimized for mobile devices

  • Clear and Simple Interface : The booking process should be intuitive and easy to follow

  • Easier -to-Process Booking Options : Consider offering a " Pay at Property" option alongside secure online payment methods. This can cater to guests who might be uncomfortable providing credit card details online, similar to how marketplace offer Cash on Delivery ( COD ) Options .

By addressing these potential issues, you can increase your chances of capturing bookings directly through Google. Remember, a strong GBP presence is just one piece of the puzzle. Look at your overall online strategy, including your website and social media presence, to create a seamless and compelling digital experience for potential guests.


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