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Want to tell stories about your hotel or resort in an engaging and cohesive way to increase bookings? Guest writer and award-winning hospitality photographer Mauro Risch shares his tips.

Ocean View Room - Media by WiX
Ocean View Room - Media by WiX

When developing a marketing plan for your hotel, there is much to consider. The opportunities are wide and you have creative ways to craft out a brilliant storyline to captivate and connect with your customers.

Photos are an integral part of your marketing efforts and getting them right can enable you to perfectly convey experiences and attract visitors. If you are a resort owner or hotel marketer and planning to capture a series of photographs that inspire your audience, start by creating a strategy from the perspective of your guests. Think about the guests’ journey and develop rich visuals that make your content stand out.

Hotels are mostly evaluated by people based on the information available online. Photos offer instant impressions and are universally understood by people from every region and culture. They can influence the decision-making process and can be used across all marketing channels.

Here are tips to consider to engage with your potential guests online while taking photos of your hotel or resort:

Be Authentic: Every property has its unique features and your photos must be authentic and evoke an emotional response. The images must subtly capture the spaces of your hotel and showcase the key areas beautifully and realistically. When guests make a booking, they expect the same standards after they arrive. Clicking honest and true shots will elevate your brand image and guests are more likely to return.

Build a Brand: For any resort or hotel, photography is an important aspect of branding. Building a brand identity is vital and it is much more than just the exquisite spaces, beds and tables in your property. Rather, it is about the experiences offered. With enticing images, you can give viewers a glimpse of what is in store for them and encourage them to find out more about your hotel or resort.

Capture Attention: Your gallery of photographs must be effective at every level of the digital journey. From attracting visitors, grabbing attention and standing out even in an overcrowded feed to converting visitors into customers, photographs can make your property appear truly spectacular.

Keep it Consistent: Photographs that are in line with your brand’s vision can be conveniently used across all marketing channels. Achieving a consistent look and feel is important and can help make your brand memorable.

Capturing the details through enticing images that give viewers the opportunity to immerse themselves into your experiences is necessary to make the most out of your photography. Make sure to hire a photographer who specializes in hotel photography.

Hire an Expert (Hotel Photographer): While a general photographer may be capable of clicking spectacular photos, the area of expertise differs. They may be good at capturing quick shots which do not require an emphasis on the mood and other minute details. However, hotel photography requires an understanding of the lighting and shot techniques, focus areas and the need to have consistent images that align with your brand’s value.

For hotel photography, while you may want the most eye-catching photos, you need to ensure that your pictures are realistic. Guests will form an opinion about your hotel after viewing the photos. Ensure that they form the right impression! If you are looking for a professional hotel photographer to create a stunning collection of photos for your marketing campaigns, get in touch with Mauro Risch.

About the Guest writer

Mauro Risch is an award-winning photographer specializing in Hospitality and lifestyle. Involved in the world of photography since the age of 13, he loves the chance of telling stories through the images he creates. Find out more about him on his website

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