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Shape the future of guest relations with autonomous, collaborative AI

Guests now expect hyper-personalized experiences, and soon, they'll arrive with their own AI travel companions. This isn't science fiction; it's the new frontier of hospitality.

Hotel Guest Relations AI Assistant
Hotel Guest Relations AI Assistant


The hospitality industry thrives on guest satisfaction. Yet, in today's fast-paced world, meeting guest expectations can feel like an uphill battle. Guests crave instant answers, 24/7 support, and personalized experiences, but overwhelmed staff and limited resources often make it difficult to deliver.

Introducing the Guest Relations AI Assistant: your secret weapon for effortless guest service and skyrocketing satisfaction. We're thrilled to announce the launch of our Early Access Program, and we're selectively inviting industry professionals to be among the first to experience the magic of autonomously operating and seamlessly collaborating hotel staff companions.

Beyond contact forms and basic chatbots: Guest Relations AI Assistant truly empowers your hospitality

  • Always available: Answer >95% of inquiries instantly, keeping guests happy 24/7.

  • Personalized guidance: Powered by your website content and insights, the AI anticipates guest needs and provides precise information specific to your hotel.

  • Speaks to guests in their language: Bridge the language gap, build trust, and foster positive interactions.

  • Human-AI collaboration: Your staff can converse with the assistant, allowing them to brainstorm improvement ideas based on insights gleaned from guest conversations.

  • Advanced Capabilities: Collaborate with other AI systems to handle intricate tasks like dynamic rate negotiations.

  • Empower your team: Free your staff from repetitive tasks and allow them to focus on creating unforgettable guest experiences that build loyalty and drive revenue.

Live demo

See how the assistant, trained initially only on hotel's website content, answers guest inquiries about directions, features, and amenities:

But that's not all!

The Early Access Program offers exclusive benefits

  • 20% off your first year's price for the Guest Relations AI Assistant and another surprise financial reward you don't want to miss.

  • Showcase your commitment to innovation with a year-long logo feature on our website.

  • Product roadmap and insights to a cutting-edge GenAI technology unveiled in September 2023.

  • Priority access to the next collaborative AI assistant we develop.

Ready to unlock the magic of AI guest service?

Join the waiting list for our Early Access Program today to experience the future of hospitality. It's simple:

  1. Sign up for the program.

  2. We'll connect your website and offer you to provide additional training data for increased accuracy.

  3. Witness the AI assistant autonomously take guest support to new heights.

Flexible plans allow you to start and grow as your needs evolve. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your guest service, boost loyalty, and watch your business thrive.


Customization Capabilities: To what extent can the AI assistant be customized to fit the unique brand voice and specific operational needs of different hotels?

Customization capabilities are a core feature of the AI assistant, allowing hotels to tailor it to their specific needs and brand voice. The assistant can be customized to mirror the hotel's unique services, amenities, and guest engagement strategies, ensuring that interactions faithfully represent the hotel's identity. Hotels can adjust the Assistant's appearance, style, job description, train it with specific facts and FAQs, and provide ongoing feedback to continuously align its behavior with the hotel's unique requirements.

Integration with Existing Systems: How easily can the AI assistant be integrated with existing hotel management systems and software?

The AI assistants are built on a flexible architecture that allows for easy connection with a wide range of property management systems (PMS), customer relationship management (CRM) tools, and other essential software used in the hospitality industry, using RESTful APIs. By joining our waiting list, you'll have the opportunity to influence the prioritization of our development efforts for these integrations.

Data Security and Privacy: How does the AI assistant ensure the privacy and security of guest data?

Ensuring the privacy and security of guest data is a top priority for the development and deployment of the AI assistants. While the Guest Relations Assistant currently doesn't process or store personally identifiable or credit card information, the system employs data protection principles and strict access controls aligned with the GDPR and PCI-DSS requirements.



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