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What Makes Customers Happy Today?

Well, this is a simple question. There will be two answers in fact. For the 2, 3, and maybe some 4 stars, today’s expectations from the guest are quite simple

Room at The Meru Sanur
Room at The Meru Sanur
  1. Good bed. Of course, you cannot keep your beds, your mattresses, and your pillows above a certain time, change it, renew,

  2. Make it fresh in your hotel bedrooms.

  3. Good Shower. Yes, this is crucial, shower in a clean bathroom, and be sure your water pressure is good enough, customers like to spend time under the shower, with good soap and perfect cleanliness.

  4. Good Internet…this is new, but this is one of the criteria for the selection of hotels. If you limit your internet to low MPPS, your guests will not come back, you need fast internet even in a 3-star property.


For the 5 stars, the above points are also very important of course but we also need to add more points

  1. Notifications, guests need contact, they need attention to detail from pickup to arrival, from stay to check out. the guest needs to be sure the hotel adapts his way and not the opposite. Buttler service is a part of the 5-star expectations, Buttler should provide his mobile number to guests to be contacted 24/7. Mobile phones will be transferred to other shifts.

2. Turndown service, this is also very important, guests can feel we take care of them, adding some simple fruits of chocolate before sleep, opening beds, reducing the light, is great, and if you have some classic music, it is even better. Just think as a guest when you arrive late in the room, what are the expectations, the feeling, curtains closed, the atmosphere is great, towels have been changed, you are in 5 stars. 

3. Guest contact. We need to personalize the contact with customers in 5-star. We must remember always the guest’s name, we need the history of the guest to be written on the guest profile (PMS), his preference in terms of breakfast, his choice of room, etc. apply if possible. 

4. Small secret…parents happy is good, kids happy is excellent to be sure your guest will return, I don’t like the food at Mxxx Dxx but kids are kings there, never forget it.


Upon checking out there are no more 3 or 5 stars, there is a behavior all reception should have to say thank you for staying at our property and hope to see you again. 


Patrick Sibourg – The Meru and Bali Beach – Bali - Indonesia


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