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Get a Free Hotel AI Chatbot: Improve Guest Support, Boost Bookings & Free Up Your Team

The free forever AI hotel chatbot plan empowers hotels, B&Bs, guesthouses, pensions, and even Airbnb hosts to offer instant 24/7 multilingual guest communication, augmenting and enhancing contact forms and email, boosting direct bookings, and saving people's time.

Guest Relation Officer AI Assistant
Guest Relation Officer AI Assistant: Image by AI

From Email, Phone, and Contact Forms to AI: Is Your Hotel Stuck in the Past?

Today's guest communication practices, established in the 2000s, leave both travelers and hoteliers struggling. Guests spend valuable time navigating website forms, enduring email back-and-forths, and facing limited phone hours just to confirm basic preferences. Meanwhile, hoteliers and other hosts are overwhelmed by maintaining multilingual websites and juggling inquiries across various social media platforms. This outdated approach not only frustrates guests but also leads to missed bookings when potential customers can't reach you quickly and easily.

Travelers' ever increasing preference for instant communication poses a challenge for small businesses.

Today's travelers want to connect with you quickly. Nearly 70% prefer chatting with hotels over more traditional methods (source: Hotel Tech Report). Yet, many small-scale accommodation providers like boutique hotels, guesthouses, pensions, B&Bs, and even Airbnb hosts simply lack the resources to offer real-time chat, or rely on overworked employees who struggle to answer inquiries around the clock and in multiple languages.

The Current Landscape of Hotel Website Guest Communication

Today, hotels have several options for website guest communication, each with its advantages and limitations:

  • WhatsApp or Messenger integration: While great for existing users, excludes those who don't use these platforms, or who are accessing your website on a device that doesn't have the apps installed. Additionally, human engagement remains crucial.

  • General-purpose web chat widgets: While open to all audiences, they still require constant human intervention, further straining your team.

  • Traditional chatbots: These offer limited features like restricted language support, rigid interaction flows with buttons, hindering guests’ ability to fully express their wishes and get the answers they need.

  • General-purpose AI chatbots: While engaging, they often lack hospitality expertise, potentially misleading guests and lacking integration with crucial hotel systems.

  • Hotel AI chatbots: These are engaging and provide specialized functionalities but usually come with complex installations required for integration with hotel systems, limited scalability, and higher costs.

Get a magical chatbot with an embedded contact form with's Guest Relations Assistant. specifically addresses the typical needs of small boutique hotels, B&Bs, guesthouses, pensions, and even Airbnb hosts which are often struggling with staffing limitations but desire to provide a warm welcoming experience to guests online and drive conversions. Here's how the skill we taught the Guest Relations Assistant stands out:

  • Welcomes guests by meeting them where they are and where you want them to make a booking - on your website.

  • Empowers guests to receive immediate answers 24/7, ensuring a superior experience compared to email or contact forms.

  • Communicates like a human in guests’ preferred language, allowing them to fully express their wishes. This is crucial for engagement and a prerequisite for crafting truly personalized experiences.

  • Identifies guest needs and preferences within the conversation, promoting relevant hotel strengths (e.g., spa treatments for those seeking relaxation, family activities for those with children) to drive conversions.

  • Magical contact form summarizes the conversation and composes an email draft for a seamless transition to offline follow-up.

  • Self-service setup doesn’t require technical expertise, allowing you to get started within minutes.

  • Your team can relax and refocus on creating unforgettable moments for your in-house guests.

  • Capability to collaborate effectively with human teams and other AI assistants, and integrate with various hotel systems (PMS, CRM, etc.). As your business scales, you can seamlessly upgrade the assistant plan to enjoy additional chat capacity and delegate other role-related responsibilities that save you time.

Gone are the days of language barriers, unanswered questions, costly unhelpful chatbots, and frustrated travelers.

FREE Forever smart hotel chatbot

And the best part - offers the magical chatbot with an embedded smart contact form, essential tools for any guest experience, absolutely free, forever. This enables hoteliers to leverage the power of conversational AI with no financial commitment and lets their guests enjoy the benefits of 24/7 communication and immediate answers to their questions.

At, we consider the ability to hold meaningful chat conversations with clients the bare minimum skill that any guest service agent has to have. We therefore believe that within a reasonable limit, this essential functionality should be accessible to all hotels and travelers.

Here are specific examples of how's hotel chatbot helps hospitality operators:

  1. Example: A guesthouse owner has been struggling to answer every guest inquiry within minutes around the clock, potentially missing out on 2 bookings per month on average. Now, they can offer real-time chat for free. This includes a multilingual chatbot, basic configuration options, and a monthly credit for AI-handled messages, taking care of 90% of guest inquiries automatically. Our smart bot makes the owner stand out from their competitors and allows them to increase rates by 5% while preventing lost bookings. In some months when it reaches the AI message quota, the assistant ensures no guest inquiry goes unanswered by seamlessly transitioning to an email contact form for human follow-up.

  2. Example: A 20-room boutique hotel whose website is available in two languages can currently communicate with 80% of its potential clientele. However, most guests cannot find personalized answers within a reasonable time frame, leading to a 90% drop-off rate. By spending less than an hour on activating the free AI chatbot skill of our Guest Relations Assistant, the hotel can now answer inquiries in 100+ languages, attracting the remaining 20% of potential guests and making it easy for all visitors to quickly get answers to their questions. Witnessing a 10% increase in conversion rate and 5% shift from OTAs to direct bookings, bringing in $3,000 extra monthly revenue, the hotel then seamlessly unlocks additional capacity and skills to maintain momentum and achieve a >10X ROI.

Ready to join the future of guest communication?

Join the waiting list and be among the first to upgrade their website with's free AI hotel concierge.

Start offering the instant communication your guests crave, boost conversion rates, and unlock new growth potential for your hotel, hostel, B&B, guesthouse or pension.



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