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Tips & Tricks for Conducting Monthly Performance Reviews in Hotel

Peter Drucker famously said, "You can’t manage what you don’t measure." Positive progress can't be seen unless measured to determine what is improving and what is not.

Meeting : Image credit by WiX Media
Meeting : Image credit by WiX Media

Therefore, it's beneficial to periodically review based on prepared statistical data to objectively determine the effectiveness of the program.

In conducting monthly performance reviews, the Hotel's Operational Budget will be used as the basis for analysis. Therefore, budget planning must be done well, meaning realistically and accurately. To obtain a realistic and accurate budget, its preparation is based on adequate historical data.

Additionally, a good budget should be detailed, including Revenue Streams from each market segment. A classic mistake often encountered in practice is disorderly budgeting, rendering the budget less useful as a basis for analysis.

Here are tips & tricks that can be employed for conducting monthly performance reviews in hotels:

1. Number Analysis: Compare the figures of the parameters obtained this month with those of the previous month and the same month last year. Perform a detailed analysis, examining the composition of these parameters and their major and minor components and finding the root cause. In this case, the figures analyzed are Income, Expenditure, and Profit.


2. Comparison with Target / Budget: How does the achievement compare with the target/budget? Review the comparison of Room Revenue and F&B Revenue. Is it less or more? If less, plan to catch up. If more, plan to maintain/increase. 

3. Year-end Achievement Strategy: What strategies are in place to achieve the year-end targets? These strategies tend to be longer-term in nature.


4. Current Issues: Input from each department regarding current issues that may need immediate follow-up and solutions.



About Writer :

Ojahan Oppusunggu : Former Technical PM – DTS ACCOR Indonesia & Malaysia, Former CTO of Topotels Hotels & Resorts, Former Director of Technical & Technology of Artotel Group and Currently as Project Director/Owner Rep. Kapuk Hills Hotel Jakarta – Handwritten Collection


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